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SPOILERS: Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8 intro with car explained

July 12, 2022

The wait is over…and the anxiety begins.

It’s always kind of funny to go back to the original Better Call Saul announcement. Of course, Bob Odenkirk breaking Bad character was undeniably popular. However, some fans couldn’t help but suspect that creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould were trying to build on the success of its predecessor by concocting an unnecessary prequel; then it was created.

From a 2022 perspective, many would say the spinoff is even better than breaking Bad. Quite a feat when considered one of the greatest achievements in television history.

Alas, the end is night and the sixth and final season is back on screens. With his return, there has been some confusion around the Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8 intro with the car. So, let’s explain the disturbing opening with full spoilers. You have been warned.


An idyllic time at the beach is not what it seems in Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8still from Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8, Netflix

Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8 intro with car explained

Titled Point and Shoot, the Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 opener takes us on a shocking trip to the beach.

The setting is set with a plane of sand and the camera then pans to focus on the ripples in the water as the smart shoes are battered by the waves. We then return to the beach and the camera begins to roll back to reveal an abandoned car with the door wide open.

Cut inside and we have a wallet and a wedding ring left there on the dashboard.

No matter who owns the car, it doesn’t seem like they’re coming back. However, eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted the license plate and identified that the vehicle belongs to no one other than Howard Hamlin.

This solves this mystery. However, this opens up another one… what is the solitary car doing here?

Why is Howard’s car on the beach?

As you know, Lalo Salamanca shot Howard at the very end of Season 6 Episode 7.

His mission is to prove that Fring engineered “the mother of all meth labs” right here in Albuquerque and he sets out to kill him.

However, the plan doesn’t exactly end in his favor and Mike makes sure that Kim and Saul are safe for the time being after the apartment encounter and the resulting danger. Mike tells them exactly what to do with their day to avoid suspicion.

Furthermore, he tells them that the authorities will know that they were the last to see Howard alive. Guiding them, he insists they tell the police that he showed up at their apartment and acted hysterically before leaving.

Mike and his henchmen put Howard in the fridge to get him out of the apartment and they bury him at the meth lab site. Planning to overthrow the authorities, his car is taken to the beach and his belongings are left in the vehicle to trick officials into thinking he is committing suicide.

With his erratic behavior in the previous episode, it’s almost guaranteed that Howard’s co-workers will clarify that he went off the rails, leading to the death or disappearance being treated as not suspicious.

The opening was basically a flashforward.


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“It was definitely part of the thinking”

Returning to Howard’s shocking death, the man who helmed that mid-season finale – Tom Schnauz – sat down with IndieWire and the interview drew attention to the fact that it was still about another confrontation in an apartment.

Noting that this mirrors a previous episode with Lalo, it may have led some to mistakenly believe that Howard would make it out alive, as the parties had done before.

“It was definitely part of the idea of ​​making Howard’s death so sudden and shocking,” Tom explained.

“When Lalo comes in, we probably think it will be another epic psychological torture session, the 18-minute long scene of [Episode] 509. Instead, he just doesn’t have time for it. He just uses brute force. He doesn’t know who he is, he just needs to get this guy.

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