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Silent Sea Season 1 review – a space story exploiting human flaws

December 24, 2021

This Netflix K-Drama The Silent Sea season 1 review is spoiler-free.

Read the recap of the opening episode.

Unroll the writing of The silent sea, and underneath is a story highlighting the many facets of human consciousness. Sure, it’s easy to absorb the production of K-Drama, especially since it pulls audiences into the opening chapter, but it quickly becomes a study of human decision-making and our flaws, intrinsically linked to our emotions. And it’s a theme that resonates strongly with me; an emotional and space-based science fiction is the perfect condition for telling a story about the bonds between a community of people.

The series opens in an intriguing but fractured way. The Earth is in trouble due to the lack of water resources. A person’s classification determines their access to water. Agriculture is destroyed and tensions are high. But then the series brings in astrobiologist Song Jian, who is asked by Director Choi to perform a mission to a lunar research station with a well-trained crew led by Han Yunjae. The only goal is to recover an unknown sample within 24 hours and send it back to Earth.

The station itself was abandoned due to a radioactive leak, and Director Choi says she has no idea what the sample was. The audience is immersed in a world of conspiracy, where our characters quickly learn that their mission is not what it seems. It becomes a complex mystery, with horrors lurking around every corner, and the technical details of being in the space take center stage in the story.

At the heart of the story is trust in the intentions of the main characters. They all have their individualistic goals and emotional reasons for taking on the assignment. Their desires slowly fade with each chapter, as secrets are revealed one drop at a time to a thirsty audience. The Silent Sea It wouldn’t be worthwhile sci-fi without significant character development and an engaging cast.

Credit should also be noted for the soundtrack. If you like emotional chords like Interstellar and Arrival, you will surely enjoy what the Netflix series is trying out here. K-Drama has put up a lot of production to elevate this story, which isn’t surprising in this industry, but something we should never take for granted. I fear the day when K-Dramas cut shortcuts on productions. I hope it’s not in my lifetime.

The hesitation, the obscure mystery and the alleged relativity between the Earth and the Moon work wonderfully in The silent sea. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the crew are so far from home that outside solutions are almost impossible. A science fiction capable of achieving this goal will always capture the attention of the public, because we do not have the possibility of being far from Earth. Flashbacks help, showing the characters before their mission, but exhibiting that emptiness of being on the moon, on a clean, modern, disengaged research station with a bad story is an all-embracing premise.

The Silent Sea represents the end of a healthy year for the K-Drama series, and that only makes viewers hopeful that there will be many full frenzy Friday releases in the future. This series is an abundance of human emotions and an analysis of our flaws.

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