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Sign Out: The Wedding Planner’s Ending Explained: Why isn’t Dale investing in Otis’ company?

January 14, 2023

The post Disconnect: The Wedding Planner Ending Explained – why isn’t Dale investing in Otis’ company? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing the ending of the Netflix movie Disconnect: The Wedding Planner, which will contain spoilers.

Released five years after the first Disconnect movie, Netflix’s Nigerian romantic comedy follows a group of people who try to arrange a wedding in the beautiful city of Mombasa. The film was written and directed by David ‘Tosh’ Gitongawhich is also behind the award-winning feature Nairobi half-life.

Synopsis according to my opinion:

Disconnect: The Wedding Planner begins with Otis, our protagonist, breaking the heart of a young woman he was dating by making it clear to her that he is not interested in a serious relationship. What interests him, however, is getting some investment from his Nigerian friend, Dale, who is busy planning his wedding to Rita. Desperate to save his dying business, Otis promises to arrange a Yoruba destination wedding for Dale in the seaside town of Mombasa. Of course, the wedding planner Otis hired to help disappears with all his money, which means the poor playboy is forced to go to the resort and plan the event himself.

There are a lot of characters introduced in this movie, which makes it a bit difficult to follow. Otis, the protagonist, is a divorced commitment phobic and the mother of his child hates him (probably for cheating on her too much.) Then there’s TK, a successful businesswoman and the main love interest of the protagonist, who continues to reject his advances because she knows he has commitment issues. Their friends, Celine and Richard, have been dating for four years, but they seem to argue constantly and are in therapy. Unfortunately, their therapist is more than useless. Otis’ best friend and business partner, Khalid, has had enough of our hero’s poor business acumen. And their other friend, Judy, just found out her fiancé was cheating, so she spends a good chunk of the movie looking sad.

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When Otis finds out he’s been scammed, the scene mirrors the exact moment poor Judy finds out she’s been cheated on, with the film trying to suggest there’s even a distant similarity between these two events of life. Otis responds to the news by getting drunk at work and dancing inappropriately in the middle of his office. July, meanwhile, deals with her fiancé’s infidelity by sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend.

Log Out: The Wedding Planner Ending Explained

Despite some problems along the way (including Otis neglecting to arrange the Yoruba wedding he had promised), Dale and Rita happily marry. However, during the party, Otis learns that all his efforts have been in vain as Dale will not invest in his business. To make matters worse, our protagonist and his love interest, TK, have a huge fight because she likes him, while he likes to sleep with as many women as possible.

Meanwhile, Richard (who just proposed despite spending half the movie cheating on his girlfriend) is disappointed to learn that Celine slept with Josh a few years ago, while poor Celine is even more devastated when she learns that her boyfriend slept with Judy just a day or two before. However, Richard and Celine reconcile when she sees him rejecting the hotel manager’s advances. Judy doesn’t have much to say for herself, but she does give Otis some great advice on how to approach TK.

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Back in Nairobi, Otis approaches Khalid to apologize for being bad at business. Although Khalid makes no apologies for poaching Dale and convincing him not to invest in Otis, he offers our hero a job at his new company.

Now employed, Otis approaches TK and finally commits to her. Not until I told her she was right about the wedding cake (it wasn’t. The bride wanted a fudge cake, and TK decided butter cake was a better idea, which ended up leads to a fight between the two women in the middle of a hotel lobby).

The film ends with Celine and Richard at the doctor’s office, having an ultrasound as the happy couple are now expecting a baby. As they leave the office, they meet Judy, who is also pregnant and is now dating Khalid. The question is, is Judy’s baby Khalid or Richard?

As the credits roll, we get a clip of Wale Ojo’s character and his best friend (Dale and Rita’s respective fathers) on the beach as they flirt with two young women. By young, I mean they could be both men’s granddaughters.

What did you think of the ending of the Netflix movie Disconnect: The Wedding Planner? Comments below.

The post Disconnect: The Wedding Planner Ending Explained – why isn’t Dale investing in Otis’ company? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.