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Sexify season 2 review – a brilliant sequel

January 11, 2023

The post Sexify Season 2 Review – A Brilliant Sequel appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Netflix series Sexify Season 2 which contains no significant spoilers.

It’s quite amazing how Sexify reaches the Netflix’s Top 10 in over 80 countries, and there was barely a whisper about it. Such is my social media DNA that I may be thrown into the wrong crowd. I loved season 1 for its originality and flair. It was dynamic by design, but it contained serious messages.

Sexify Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

And Sexify Season 2 is no different, except it’s messier in a world of software and intellectual property. The importance of orgasms and relationships are at the forefront of the story’s spirit, but the corporate cogs of the world that eat flesh from the bones of tech remain the villain of the story. .

Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba), Monika (Sandra Drzymalska)and Paulina (Maria Sobocinska) face a bigger threat in Season 2. The launch of the Sexify app is the least of their problems, but the world that thrives on competition and aggressive corporatism becomes the cornerstone of their potential demise. Coupled with their personal relationships, immersing themselves in love, complicated parents and the journey to pleasure, Sexify Season 2 could easily be as popular as its predecessor.

The daunting world of intimacy thematically runs through the story. How two human beings sexually merge and pleasure each other is unnecessarily taboo, especially in the western world. Sexify remove the taboo like a flimsy band-aid and continue to study the case for that ultimate intimacy with the perfect match. It’s interesting to see the women behind the app struggle with intimacy while launching an app that claims to be the answer.

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Is Sexify season 2 any good?

As I reached a third way Sexify Season 2, it appeared that series like this are becoming more and more important, which elevates the story somewhat. In a disconnected world, where dating apps encourage promiscuity and polyamorous relationships rather than real connections, this Netflix series is a reminder that a human relationship takes a lot of work and that a mobile application is not necessarily the answer we are looking for.

The cast is to be praised. Once again, Aleksandra Skraba puts him out of the question with her interpretation of Natalia. His worldview will resonate strongly with introverts. He’s a logical human being, after all, and Season 2 sees the problem-solver continue to defy the odds, with plenty of humor.

Sexify Season 2 is worth watching. It’s an interesting sequel that we hope will once again grace Netflix’s Top 10.

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The post Sexify Season 2 Review – A Brilliant Sequel appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.