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See the recap of season 3, episode 6 – “The Lowlands”

September 30, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ show Season 3, Episode 6, “The Lowlands,” contains spoilers.

See season 3 was announced as the final chapter in this sci-fi saga, which allows writers to freely kill whoever they please and cause the devastation of their choosing. The final seasons are bittersweet in that sense, unburdened by the pressures of longevity and yet tasked with providing proper closure for fans. See seems to be setting up an almighty ending to that and the showrunners seem more than happy to kill whoever they want, but the jury is still out on whether this show will end in good shape.

See summary of season 3, episode 6

See season 3, episode 6, “The Lowlands” divides its narrative between maghrais the hunt for witch hunters, Baba and his gangs’ return trip to warn the queen, and Tormada‘s march to Pennsa. The first subplot is centered on Maghra. She is tired of the return of the witch finders and fears that two armies are ready to attack her precious city. The witch finders strike first, killing all of Maghra’s council members. She conducts her own witch hunt and tortures a lowly blacksmith, who may know where precisely his enemy is.

It’s a brutal sequence as the blacksmith is burned and then sliced. He eventually reveals the witch finders hideout and loses a hand to his troubles. Magra and Tamacti Lead a small group of soldiers in a breach on the witch finders fortress. Shiloh battles Maghra, informing the queen that they are now following orders from a new leader. Sibeth is back in the royal seat. Maghra defeats Shiloh, but they refuse to kill their enemy, who begs for a quick death.

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Baba and his troops rush to Pennsa to warn Maghra of the coming war. Harlan is skeptical of their plan, however, believing that time is very much against them. If they reach the city before Tormada, they still won’t have enough time to prepare an army and other defenses. He instead suggests a perilous shortcut, which Baba reluctantly accepts. This shortcut takes them through the lowlands where a cannibalistic tribe stalks them as prey.

In a car graveyard, Baba’s team is attacked by these savages. Haniwa and Harlan are captured after a jaw-dropping fight streak. The primeval beasts are hard to track, and Baba sees no choice but to use Wren as bait to lure the cannibals out of the shadows. Baba follows one of the tribesmen back to their base, where Harlan and Haniwa are tied up, awaiting a horrible end. Haniwa sees Guntar’s severed head and realizes they are next. She explains to Harlan how to escape his chains. Once Harlan is free, they make their thrilling escape.

The end

The gang is all together, but Harlan has been seriously injured and is bleeding on the ground. With his usual witty sarcasm, he told Haniwa to exaggerate his heroic deeds at home, then pleaded with Baba to prevent the enemy from taking his city. It’s unknown if Harlan dies on the spot or if the group leaves him for dead, but this subplot ends here for today.

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Meanwhile, Tormada and his men march towards Pennsa with their unstoppable bombs. Sibeth and the witch-seekers ambush this dangerous army and take Tormada hostage. Sibeth sees the importance of these weapons and talks at length with Tormada about their power. The rulers are surprisingly attracted to each other, seeing similarities in their rogue personalities and strong penchant for violence. It’s a hell of a match for these two, who quickly decide to team up. Sibeth even offers Tormada a kingship and he accepts without hesitation. Sibeth kills Lucien now that she has a more powerful ally by her side, and the pair prepare for war. Tormada shows off his new catapults in the last shot of this episode.

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