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Sandman fans can’t get enough of Gregory and Goldie, the adorable Gargoyles

August 6, 2022

Sandman’s most beloved characters are undoubtedly Gregory and Goldie, now Twitter can’t get enough of these adorable gargoyles.

The Sandman is proof that Netflix can actually make a decent comic book adaptation.

The new series is understandably going viral around the world, but as fans sit down to binge on this 10-episode dark fantasy, many are struggling to get past Episode 2 without crying.

The reason for our emotional frenzy? A pair of adorable gargoyles named Gregory and Goldie who are now taking over Twitter as fans around the world react to these delightful supernatural creatures.

Spoiler Warning: This article will contain spoilers for The Sandman Episode 2, “Imperfect Hosts.”

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The Sandman | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV10961The Sandman | Official trailer | Netflix

Gregory and Goldie – Gargoyles So Cute You’ll Cry

We are first introduced to Gregory in episode 2 of The Sandman, a huge green gargoyle under the care and protection of Cain and Abel.

Speaking through grunts, only beings in The Dreaming can understand Gregory; however, it is clear from their dealings that Gregory is a beloved member of the family.

Interestingly, in the book series and according to The Sandman Fandom page, “he saves Morpheus from the edge of the Dreaming when Morpheus is too weak to reach his castle and drops the Dream Lord at Abel’s doorstep.”

Gregory was originally created by Dream the Endless, and as such must be sacrificed in order for Dream to regain some of his stored power within the gargoyle.

However, Dream acquires a new gargoyle egg while collecting items for The Fates and brings it back to Abel’s grave – who wakes up to assume it’s Cain’s apology for murdering him. with a fork.

The egg soon hatches and reveals a beautiful gold-colored baby gargoyle. Abel first wants to name the baby ‘Irving’, to which Cain says that gargoyle names have to start with a G.

In the end, the brothers settle on Goldie, though Abel later reveals that he still calls the baby Gargoyle “Girving” in his heart. In the original comics, Goldie was male, but that was changed to female in the 1995 spin-off series The Dreaming.

Adorably, Goldie and Gregory were good friends in the original series, with the latter often helping baby Gargoyle put Abel back together after he was killed by his brother.

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Fans share their emotional reactions to Gregory’s absorption

From the large number of social media posts regarding Gregory, it is evident that fans around the world were deeply upset by his death/reabsorption, many of whom perhaps did not expect such a dramatic turn so soon. in their encounter with the adorable Gargoyle.

One user wrote: “Oh my mental state must be in the trenches because the way I’m sobbing over Gregory the Gargoyle Sandman like there really couldn’t be any other way ????”

Another fan added, “Gregory broke me. Forcing myself not to binge so I can savor but I don’t know how well I’ll succeed. I’m so glad they did justice to @neilhimself’s masterpiece.

“The Sandman is one of Netflix’s best shows. Three episodes and I’m floored by the gorgeous cinematography and world design. The goodbye scene Gregory made me cry. Good product.” – The Sandman fan, via Twitter.

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More replies included, “not the sandman making me cry for a boi gregory” with

One fan said, “Bro @Netflix_Sandman BETTER REMINDER GREGORY RIHT NOW! He deserves better!” only for a follow-up tweet to include “Aight, we cool. Goldie is legit. But you’re on thin ice, Goldie better have a long, fulfilling life.

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“@neilhimself, I really (shockingly) appreciate @Netflix_Sandman. But I hope everyone realizes that no character will affect the Watchers harder than Gregory. – The Sandman fan, via Twitter.

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