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Romantic Killer Ending Explained – Does Anzu Find Love?

October 28, 2022

Romantic Killer post ending explained – does Anzu find love? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

This article contains major spoilers for the Romantic Killer ending.

Anzu Hoshino is, like me, someone who is really only interested in chocolate, cats and video games. Romance is the last thing on his agenda. But thanks to a matchmaking assistant entwined with the game named Riri, who tries to transplant the simulation of a titled game romantic thriller on Anzu’s real life, apparently in an effort to improve the birth rate in Japan, Anzu is forced to trade her favorite things for a series of attractive guys.

This is the plot of romantic killera new netflix anime based on Wataru Momose’s manga of the same name. Here’s where it’s all heading.

The Romantic Killer Ending Explained

Anzu is kind of anti-romance, but Riri is insistent, so soon she has two handsome men living in her house – Tsukasa Kazuki and her childhood friend Junta Hayami. The third is Hijiri Koganei, a spoiled rich kid who, like all spoiled rich kids, assumes that Anzu’s affection for him is obligatory and then tries to buy him off when he realizes it isn’t. is not the case.

The word of the day is “change”. Through this scenario and Anzu’s refusal to give in to clichéd romantic ties, the boys, Anzu, and even Riri begin to change in profound and unexpected ways. Hijiri is forced to understand normality, not a life bought and paid for by his father. Riri begins to manifest physically and androgynously in situations.

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The show here uses the setting of a romantic comedy to develop relationships that are not romantic. The beats are there, but different than they normally would be. When Anzu defuses a situation between Junta and another former classmate, Ryuya, she explains why the latter was wrong and rejects his advances. Anzu also gets involved in a situation with Tsukasa’s stalker, Yukana, who initially pretends to be the boy’s girlfriend and later tries to sic some thugs on Anzu. Naturally, the boys defend her.

Thanks to Riri’s wand contamination, they are unable to intervene as the situation escalates, obviously symbolizing how reality will trump fantasy in human relationships as well. Yukana attacks Anzu again, but Tsukasa is able to save her by confronting his own experiences, which Anzu helped him do in the first place. When Tsukasa’s father blames him for the incident, which is behavior that allowed the harassment, Anzu defends him, asking him to continue living with her and Junta, albeit still platonically. The two boys have feelings for Anzu but realize that they have been friends and have to compete for her.

As for Yukana, Hijiri finally puts her family connections to good use and gets her admitted to an asylum, but Riri, unsatisfied with this punishment, uses forbidden magic to erase her memories, resulting in Riri’s own banishment from the human world. However, Anzu uses information from another wizard named Kate to bolster Riri’s return.

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Riri’s return doesn’t necessarily spell positive news, however, as they inform Anzu, who has just returned to her usual desires, that if she doesn’t start a romance, they’ll be pulled out again – moreover if she doesn’t. a romance by the time she graduates high school, they will be gone for good.

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Romantic Killer post ending explained – does Anzu find love? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.