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Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2 Review – a stylistic documentary with great visuals

December 31, 2022

The post Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2 Review – A Stylistic Documentary With Stunning Visuals appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We are reviewing the Netflix series Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2, which was released on Netflix on December 29, 2022.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman Sseason 2 dive deeper into the story of this great historical battle between empires. the first season faithfully depicts the families that ruled and the court that surrounded them.

This unique documentary structure forces a reconstruction of what happened while a narrator explains the backstory to fill in the gaps. It’s a more effective way to explore these historical stories, and netflix did something different.

If you are a history buff, this type of storytelling will definitely keep you engaged due to the structure and interviews with other historians. It covers all the angles and makes you want to watch more projects that have that style of documentary filmmaking. There’s so much to cover on the Ottoman Empireand the director Emre Sahin had a vision of how he wanted it all to play out.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

When it comes to the historical accuracy of documentaries, Netflix has captured these epic stories really well. The Ottoman Empire is one of the largest and longest lasting empires in world history. So it makes sense why there were two seasons. To pick up where they left off, Mehmed the Second had won many battles and had been king in Constantinople. Naturally, as he grew his army and fought everyone around him, he also gained enemies. The second season revolves around the famous battle between Mehmed the Second and Vlad Dracula. It’s not like Vlad Dracula was an outsider, he was someone who lived with Mehmed in the Ottoman Empire, so he knew enough to confront him.

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Is Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2 any good?

As someone who isn’t a fan of history, this season has been incredibly engaging. Having two people from the same empire fighting, while gaining enemies at the same time, makes it entertaining. It has that cinematic feel equivalent to game of thrones while educating viewers on what really happened.

Historians interviewed go into detail to fill in the time between the scenes and the events that happened. Each episode is packed with information that can be hard to grasp at times, but across the season, it covers all the bases so viewers can get invested in this story.

Kinda Blood, sex and royalty centered on Anne Boleyn and her adventures, the dramatization of these events sprinkled with facts makes it possible to cover all angles. We have to remember that documentaries are not meant to be biased, so having many different ways of telling these events only helps with historical accuracy.

What did you think of Netflix’s Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2? Comments below.

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The post Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 2 Review – A Stylistic Documentary With Stunning Visuals appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.