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Rig season 1 ending explained – how do the crew survive the creature?

January 6, 2023

The Rig season 1 ending explained – how do the crew survive the creature? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

This Prime Video series recap of The Rig season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers, including an open discussion about the ending of The Rig Season 1.

We had a whirlwind of events that happened The platform throughout the first five episodes of the series, from the wild uncertainty of what’s going on with that mysterious fog to what happened behind the scenes on all those platforms. Many questions need to be answered as we head into the season finale of David MacPherson‘s show, which features Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) and Iain Glen (game of thrones). So let’s dive into it.

JHe Rig season 1, episode 6 to summarize

The episode starts with us on The Kinloch Charlie Rigtwo days before, where we see Coca with a group of people trying to make things happen. However, the pressure is too much and we see the whole platform end up in flames. After the opening credits, we have Magnus examination harish on the relevance of the event for today. Afterwards, Coake is interrogated by Magnus. Then, of course, he explains that this “experiment” is something they’re trying to stop, but they failed. Finally, Coake reminds him that he has to make tough choices, whether popular or not.

The conversation continues when Coake says they have to end this experiment here and now. Magnus wants to know what is happening to his people, but Coake says not everyone will survive. Shortly after, Magnus tells Rose about Coake’s plan, but Rose says they can’t just “kill him”. She follows with that she and Fulmer are working on an alternative. But Magnus reminds him to work fast as they are running out of time.

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We enter the laboratory with Pink and Fulfill, and she tries to break down the mysterious fog’s plan. She explains how everything they did made him angrier. But Magnus said they ran the risk of everyone dying and they had to listen to Coake. So, Magnus goes to Coake to ask if he can stop this and save his crew. He said he was the only man who could do that. Moments after agreeing, we see Coake pull out his phone and he says, “Cirein Mission Time Elapsed. Emergency protocol activated. »

Magnus walks up to the crew to tell them they will follow Coake’s plan. Rose freaks out and says that’s a really bad idea. She said her plans were the same, which resulted in nearly everyone on Platform Charlie being killed. After much persuasion, Magnus agrees to try Rose’s plan to make contact with the creature. Then we see Coake confront Harish about how he didn’t mind jumping ship in a lifeboat without saving anyone. Not knowing what to say, Harish realizes that Coake has a way back and follows him to find out his plan.

Well, Coake says there’s a helicopter on the way and there’s room for him and his friend. So he lays out the plan (the same as Charlie), and Harish doesn’t like the idea, but Coake tells him to do as he’s told as he doesn’t mind leaving people behind. As he begins to think twice, Harish clicks the intercom so everyone on the ship can hear them talking. The other teammates heard what Coake had planned and knew they had to act. As this continues, the platform begins to have this earthquake-like movement.

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We cut to the trio heading out to rescue Baz. As they catch him, Rose sees this as a chance for them to stop what is happening. Then, as the helicopter is due to land, Hutton confronts Coake and wants to throw him overboard. The rest of the crew stops him, followed by Hutton shoving Coake in the mouth. As the helicopter lands, Hutton makes the call, sending as many people as possible to the first one.

The end of the platform

Return to Baz, who is sucked into this world but says they may have to make a sacrifice, “a life for a life”, to show that they are willing to make a sacrifice. So Baz stays while the trio come out of the dodge. It’s a race against time as everyone tries to get to the landing pad. The helicopter barely comes out as fog hits the platform, destroying it. In the helicopter, Coake announces that they are not returning to the platform. Everyone is gutted because thousands of people will now die because of it.

So, The platform had some ups and downs, but they made it through landing here. I had no idea how it would end, which means great writing. However, I loved that the ending wasn’t as happy as we see with most series. Another thing, it opens the door to the second season of the show. But it has an ending that if it’s only one season, you’re simultaneously satisfied.

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The Rig season 1 ending explained – how do the crew survive the creature? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.