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Revisiting Robin Williams’ Love of Warhammer as Henry Cavill’s 40K Goes Viral

January 25, 2023

Fans are revisiting stories about Robin Williams’ love of the Warhammer franchise as news of Henry Cavill’s new 40K TV series goes viral.

There’s a whole host of celebrities and famous faces you might not expect to be fans of the Warhammer franchise, including Henry Cavill, who was recently revealed to star in and produce a 40K series with Amazon Studios.

As fans of the Warhammer universe and newcomers alike turn their attention to the iconic sci-fi franchise, a series of stories about the great Robin Williams’ love of Warhammer are going viral again.


Fans Revisit Robin Williams’ Love Stories For Warhammer

As Warhammer fans around the world digest the news that Henry Cavill will star in and executive produce a new live-action series with Amazon Studios, many are revisiting their favorite stories of Robin Williams’ love for the franchise.

In a 2013 Reddit AMA, Williams revealed that he had “several Warhammer armies” but had never actually played the game – presumably like the majority of Warhammer fans who enjoy painting/collecting, rather than the table game competition.

However, there is one story in particular that fans remember now with fond memories; the now infamous story of when the iconic actor not only played against an audience member with a “Gay Eldar” army, but narrated every move.

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The story was originally posted by user “Big-Bad-Woulfe” and opened with them visiting a Games Workshop in San Francisco. They had brought with them several Gray Knights that they had hoped to paint on location, but they had also brought a small army in case anyone really wanted to play a game.

“I can’t remember how long I had been painting, but I had just finished a GK Terminator when Robin himself walked in with his daughter Zelda. IIRC, he was there to buy her a little set to get her started. He had also brought with him his hot pink/black ‘Gay Eldar’ army,” the post read.

Two other clients said hello but “Big-Bad-Woulfe” kept between them so as not to disturb Williams, but “There you go, he sat across from me and asked me what I was painting – I said they were my Khorne ‘zerker friends, and I just finished painting my GKs.


“He told me that he had never played against GK before and asked me, and I quote: ‘If [I] would do [him] honor to play [his] flamboyant gay Eldar”. He asked me how many points I had and whether or not I wanted to use the store town terrain or the fields terrain. I chose the city, as I needed the cover to get close to the Eldorks. His army was a very basic ground force with Harlies, Swoops and Rangers. – User post, via Reddit.

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The game ultimately ended in a draw; “We shook hands, I wished him luck and that was it.” However, it turns out that the constant entertainer actually narrated the whole game!

“He narrated the whole game and alternated between a powerful, booming voice for my marines and a very flamboyant voice for his flamboyant gay Eldar. It was a magical experience and I will never forget it. – User post, via Reddit.

After his death in 2014, his daughter Zelda Williams (yes, named after the video game character) shared several images from Robin’s Warhammer collection on Twitter and asked the community for help identifying them.

Another story, via Indiegala, relates how Williams visited another Games Workshop to purchase Eldar sets. However, after realizing that several staff members were hiding from him, so as not to disrupt his time there, Williams reportedly encouraged each staff member to meet him, take pictures and discuss Warhammer.

Incredibly, there are even stories of how Williams tried to get other celebrities into Warhammer. As noted by SpikeyBits, these included Billy Krystal, Kirsten Dunst, Bill Murray, and even Dustin Hoffman!


Little Monster Entertainment had also posted on Facebook a list of other celebrities known to play Warhammer or paint the miniatures: Gary Oldman (Adeptus Mechanicus), Vin Diesel (Black Templars Space Marines), Brian May (Orks), Jason Mewes (Gorkamorka ), Will Smith (faction unknown), Sylvester Stallone (Space Marines Blood Angels), Megan Fox (Orks), Bruce Willis (Imperial Guard) and Kirsten Dunst (Wood Elves).

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The post even details how there is a rumor that Vin Diesel introduced Dame Judi Dench to D&D on the set of Chronicles of Riddick, and that she acted as DM for his grandchildren.

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