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Resident Evil season 1, episode 2 recap – “The Devil You Know”

July 15, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1, episode 2, “The Devil You Know”, contains major spoilers.

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resident Evil summary of season 1, episode 2

Baxter tells his men to keep Jade alive, while Jade manages to stop a passing truck and escape the Zeros and Baxter. In 2022, Jade mourns Billie, believing she is dead. But Billie is not dead but claims she is no longer a dog person. When Albert arrives at the scene, he immediately asks if the dog bit Billie, which it did. As Billie begins to go into shock, he orders Jade to take her home and out of Umbrella’s sight. Albert covers himself with the dog’s blood when the two sisters are gone.

Back to 2036, and the truck driver who rescued Jade is helpless when zeros attack him. And to save her own life, Jade drives off in her truck. Evelyn comes to the lab and wants to know what happened. Albert claims it must be a hack, which leaves him with more questions than answers. Unable to answer her questions, Albert cuts to the conversation about the obvious side effects that were evident in the dog. But Evelyn dismisses her worries. As they leave, Evelyn is greeted by his concerned but annoyed wife, Diana.

Albert inspects Billie’s deep bite before quickly assuming that Jade is the reason she and Billie were at the lab. He then warns the two sisters that if Umbrella finds out they were at the lab, they will all be arrested. In 2036, Jade visits Barry. And while his wife, Belinda, hesitates to allow Jade in, Jade pushes her way through. She calls Arjun and lets him know that she is still alive. Arjun tells Jade to cross the Channel somehow.

The end

In Belinda’s bathroom, Jade finds Barry chained up in the bathroom, having been turned into a Zero. With Barry clearly unable to help, Belinda suggests that Jade turn to Charon for help. But to find Charon, Jade must take Barry’s wallet out of her pocket. And in the attempt to get the wallet back, Jade must kill Barry to save Belinda’s life. Although Belinda isn’t too grateful.

Baxter visits Belinda and he learns that Jade was looking for Barry. Meanwhile, Jade goes to Charon and trades. In 2022, Albert warns Evelyn that she is risking billions of lives. But when he claims “he’s out,” Evelyn reminds him how much he needs her. And Billie’s bite seems to get more infected, and she throws up in the toilet. Jade contacts Angel Rubio, a former investigative reporter obsessed with the high death toll at Umbrella. Jade learns from him that people have died after being bitten by an animal.

Billie becomes more erratic and violent, going so far as to punch a guard who tries to pull her dog away from her. And then she starts showing symptoms of a “zero”. In 2036, there is a shootout as Baxter attempts to capture Jade.

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