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Renewed or Canceled – Will There Be a Super Crooks Season 2?

November 25, 2021

This article explains whether there will be a season 2 of the Netflix animated series Super Crooks and its status renewed or canceled. It does not contain spoilers.

When Super Crooks was announced during Netflix’s Tudum event, the excitement has sprouted. Not only was this a new animated series, but it’s a series tied to a similar universe in which Jupiter’s Legacy drift, and it blatantly has that alternate superhero feel to it. Confession: I liked Jupiter’s legacy. I think it was unfairly dismissed by critics, and Netflix hit that canceled button too soon. But back to the topic at hand, Super Crooks had all the assets to have an impact similar to Invincible.

Super Crooks follows Johnny Bolt, who ends up in a Super Max prison after accidentally killing numerous classmates at school using his electrical powers. Later in life, he joins forces with a group of criminals with superpowers. Unable to leave the criminal life, Johnny decides to carry out a big heist with his crew. The story is tasty and daring, with a lot of potential.

Will there be a season 2 of Super Crooks – status renewed or canceled

Status: to be confirmed

At this time, there is no confirmation that there will be a second season of Super Crooks, however, we can provide insight into intentions and speculate if a second prong is possible.

First of all, Super Crooks Season 1 acts more like a prequel to the story, so there are plans to overlap more with the animated series with the comic book adaptation. There is clearly a long term plan with the story. Netflix is ​​also hoping that this animated series will take off and be able to compete with the animated series. Invincible.

At Ready Steady Cut, we have given Super Crooks a less than favorable review as we felt the story had no impact, however, Netflix’s animated series are used to being renewed and extended for a few seasons, so there is a high probability that this universe continues.

With many anime viewers on the streaming service, we anticipate that Super Crooks will come back for a second offer. Especially with the potential it serves.

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