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Renewed or Canceled – Will There Be a Hellbound Season 2?

November 19, 2021

This article explains whether there will be a Season 2 of the Netflix K-Drama Hellbound series and its status renewed or canceled. It does not contain spoilersers

With Netflix investing heavily in K-Drama in recent years, every time a new series comes out, fans rush to find out if a sequel will be on the horizon. Certainly with Squid Gamethat was a thoroughly researched question, and we’re still not entirely sure if we’ll get another season of it.

Hellbound is an addicting 6-chapter K-Drama drama series that mixes fantasy elements with religious fishing and conspiratorial events. It’s a well-mixed recipe and an instant delight for the audience. So, of course, there is only one question.

Will there be a Hellbound season 2 – status renewed or canceled

Status: to be confirmed

At present, there is no official word indicating whether Hellbound will be renewed, however, we can speculate on the likelihood that a new season will hit our screens.

K-Drama has a long history of one-season cheers, however, in recent times, production companies have been successful in securing casts for other seasons. look Hospital Playlist for example – they managed to bring this popular cast back to please fans. And now we have series like Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) which is rumored to have a third season.

But, probably the most relevant example of K-Drama is Kingdom. Netflix’s most popular K-Drama series on their streaming service. Yes Hellbound can reach similar heights and even get half the audience figures Kingdom obtained, it would be difficult for Netflix to say no to a new season.

Another factor is the rating. While Netflix enjoys watching the numbers for most decisions, K-Drama has a critical but loving audience. While we have given a good rating to Hellbound the series would gain worldwide recognition for a successful second season.

However, to pull the neck. We anticipate that there will be a season 2 of Hellbound. The concept is too good for Netflix to let go.

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