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Renewed or canceled – will there be a Chloe season 2?

June 23, 2022

This article discusses whether there will be a Season 2 of Amazon Original Series Chloe and its renewed or canceled status.

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Chloe is a thriller series created by Alice Seabright for the BBC and Amazon Studios; the six-part thriller aired on the BBC in February this year. But does that mean the show will return for a second season?

Well, first of all, is there enough history left to Chloe return for a second season? After the character “Chloe” dies, apparently by suicide, her former childhood best friend, Becky, becomes determined to uncover the truth. And to do so, Becky takes on the alias of Sasha Miles and befriends Chloe’s loved ones, including her husband Eliott and her close friend Livia.

And with the first season of Chloe, we do not give exactly all the answers. Does that mean he’ll be back in the near future?

Will there be a season 2 of the Amazon original series Chloe renewed or canceled status

Status: Canceled

Nope, Chloe will not be returning in the near future. As the six-part series was billed as a limited series, it suggests that there are no more plans to be made. That is, unless, as big little lies, the first season turns out to be a huge success and the network(s) decide they want to move forward with more episodes.

The creator of Chloé, Alice Seabright, said there are ways for the story to continue, she’s not 100% sure if it should happen now. Additionally, she goes on to say that because the first season is operating in a limited capacity, she’s not sure if a future version would end up being what she wants.

And There you go. While we won’t have all the answers by the time the final credits roll, it’s unlikely that Chloe will never come back. And therefore, it seems like it’s up to us to decide what happened to Chloe and those she left behind.

What did you think of Chloe? And are you disappointed that he won’t return for a second season?

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