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Rainbow ending explained – Does Dora find her mother?

October 1, 2022

This article is about the Netflix movie Rainbow (2022) ending and will contain spoilers.

Rainbow is a new Spanish film from the director paco leon. Inspired by L. Frank Braum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it’s a modern narrative seen through an LGBTQ+ lens. The story revolves around Dora, a teenager who walks her little dog Toto to fetch a birthday cake that her father has ordered for her. Along the way, she overhears a pair of talkative middle-aged twins talking about their mother.

Precisely how much she resembles her mother but nothing like her father. It looks like they’re speculating that her father isn’t blood related, but Dora asks her father if a woman he talked to on their doorstep before she was a teenager was her mother. He confirms this and is upset that he lied to her (he first tells her that she left and never saw her again). Dora then returns home during a heavy thunderstorm to look for the mother and find out why she left.

That’s when Dora stumbles upon a house of witches, including one who kicked her dog, Coco, into an argument with her lover Maribel. Why? They stand in front of a man in a coma who is Coco’s husband, and she won’t pull the plug. The third witch finds her spying, and they confront Dora, who explains that she thinks her mother worked here, and one of them is her grandmother (the story can get convoluted, and I don’t know exactly how she came to this conclusion). Maribel confirms that she is the grandmother and the young witch says that she knew Dora’s mother. She was nice to her and her cousin. She tells Dora that the last time they heard was that she was in the capital and had a nice pair of shoes.

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The scene follows Coco trying to put a bullet through her lover’s head but blowing a chunk off the dead man’s forehead, lying in the hospital bed. The fact is that before the officials arrived, they did not confirm that she was already dead. Coco then blames the shooting on Dora and points out to her that she is a murderer. Dora runs, then wakes up saying she had the worst dream. However, Coco and Maribel tell the cops the next day that their granddaughter shot the man. Coco also announces that she is pregnant, which is a miracle that not even God would approve of.

Dora continues her exploration and comes across Muneco, a young man whose maniacal and frantic behavior is disturbing. He is chained and she releases him. He is the Scarecrow. She then comes across an older man trying to pull a Thelma and Louise, but his smart car prevents him from taking the plunge of his life. He appears to be the Tin Man, possibly because he has a large silver car they travel in together.

They finally fill their evening with Akin, a singer met in a club who is expelled for being homosexual. He doesn’t look cowardly at all though, but shows inner strength (a few scenes later, Dora visualizes him as a real Lion). They end up not driving on a yellow brick road, but the drugs Muneco sprays on their faces takes them to asteroid-filled space and Michael Jackson riding a Falkor-sized ray in The never-ending story.

Dora receives a tip after arriving at a transvestite bingo bar called “The Poppeyfield”, where her mother is struggling to work. A bartender tells Dora she’ll make a few phone calls, but then calls someone as if she knows more than she’s letting on. The next day, they all take off for Capital City after seeing Dora on the news, and the bartender tells Dora to go to Chinatown, with Akin holding a Lion on Dora’s head. Meanwhile, Coco miscarries and blames Maribel for the affair. Upset, she tells her longtime secret pheromone that she abandoned Dora’s mother, Pilar, to be with her and left Coco.

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Rainbow ending explained

Most of the last third of Rainbow is convoluted, so let’s break it down. Dora finds out she was adopted and runs away from her father after spending a night in jail. Dora’s mother, Pilar, had an affair with Coco’s husband, the second richest man in the world. Dora is his granddaughter and ends up with most of her inheritance, but Coco controls half of it. Coco tried to have another child to hold more or all of the wealth. And if Coco blames her for the murder, she gets all the money back.

Once all the papers are signed, the T is crossed out and the I is dotted, they throw a party to celebrate the next phase of the company. However, Coco tries to poison Dora, but the girl throws the drink aside. But Coco is the one later who feels dizzy. She passed out because Maribel spiked her drink with toxins. Coco is now dead. The lion returns and chases everyone away from the party, but Maribel is unfazed. Maybe Maribel was the protective beast watching over Dora.

In the final scenes, Dora stops at a restaurant and is served by a waiter named Pilar. She leaves the restaurant happy and sees a rainbow just twelve meters above the road, created by a truck cleaning the streets and spraying water in the sky.

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