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Q-Force Season 2 Sadly Won’t Happen As Netflix Cancels The Anime Series

June 29, 2022

Season 2 and the future of the LGBTQ Q-Force series have sadly been confirmed as Netflix chooses to cancel the animated show.

LGTBQ+ representation on large and small screens has been a central issue for production companies and streaming platforms for many years.

However, Netflix has particularly done a great job of providing LGBTQ+ content to its subscribers with a plethora of fantastic series that have told the stories of LGBTQ+ characters over the past few years.

In September 2021, the streaming giant added a new series to its already extensive catalog of animated content, the action-comedy spy show, Q-Force.

Sadly, Q-Force season 2’s chances now seem dead and buried following Netflix’s decision to cancel the series – here’s everything fans need to know.

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Q-FORCE | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV4210Q-FORCE | Official trailer | Netflix

Q-Force Season 2 Won’t Happen As Netflix Cancels The Series

Immediately after Q-Force Season 1 premiered in September 2021, the future initially seemed to remain as bright for the series as the wonderful characters themselves.

The platform already had several LGBTQ+-focused titles in production and demonstrated a multi-seasonal commitment to various original anime titles. Therefore, if Q-Force was watched by enough people, the streaming giant would likely have been enticed to renew the series for Season 2.

Unfortunately, it was just reported by What’s On Netflix that the streaming giant decided to cancel Q-Force before season 2 went into production. This information comes from Matt Rogers, a writer for Q-Force, who was recently interviewed on Attitudes! podcast, which revealed that “it didn’t get a second season.”

Unfortunately, it seems that poor reviews from critics and audience response were the final nails in Q-Force’s fabulous coffin. As of June 29, the series had a disappointing 6.4/10 score on IMDB and just 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, despite an audience score still at 78%.

“In conclusion, 6/10. It’s not a horrible show, just very mediocre leaning towards good. I understand the need for all kinds of queer stories, but shows that lean into queen yasss stereotypes aren’t my cup of tea. I just want to be treated like everyone else. – BoxwoodExpress user, via IMDB.

CBR’s Reuben Baron said that while the series “has its heart in the right place and has little that might offend adults in the queer community”, Q-Force suffers from being “not very funny”. It was an opinion echoed by Variety’s Daniel D’Addario, who said that “if quality measured up to good intentions, Q-Force could be the show of the year.”

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However, similar criticisms persisted, with the show lacking the central presence needed to bring the whole narrative together. Other reviewers were a little harsher on Q-Force, with AV Club captioning their review “Netflix’s Q-Force is as soulless as a Drag Race acting challenge.”

“It’s like scrolling through tweets written by Gay Twitter Comedians or sifting through excerpts from a gay podcast, where every other sentence in a conversation involves the name of a pop star or actress and a comment nasty about them.” —Juan Barquin, via AV Club.

Pair those bad reviews with the fact that Netflix recently downsized its animation department by over 70 employees and Q-Force season 2 is banned.

There is indeed an extremely slim chance that the series will be picked up in several years by Netflix, or even by another platform or another streaming network. As explained by Attitudes! podcast host in the aforementioned interview with Rogers, some fans are predicting that season 2 will eventually happen because “it’s just too special.”

As What’s On Netflix noted, “After all, we recently saw Tuca and Bertie get its second life on HBO Max after Netflix canceled it after just one season. NBCUniversal Television is notably the show’s distributor, so perhaps a Peacock revival could possibly be on the cards as Tuca and Bertie?”

However, for now, fans need to understand that Netflix rarely resuscitates a canceled series, and Q-Force season 2 may remain a pipe dream for the foreseeable future – but what other LGBTQ+-focused shows should you watch next?

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Other LGTBQ+ anime series to check out on Netflix

Are you a fan of Q-Force and disappointed with the cancellation of Netflix? Well, there are many other fantastic LGBTQ+ anime series to watch online.

The most obvious choices after Q-Force are She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Super Drags, and The Hollow; all are available on Netflix.

Recently, streaming giant Netflix also created Dead End: Paranormal Park which features an adorable trans main character; the hilarious animated series is a definite Juicee News recommendation and even scared US senators earlier this year – see here.

Other series you should check out include Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and Steven Universe on Netflix; Amphibia and The Owl House on Disney; and anime series Yuri on Ice and Given on Crunchyroll.

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