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Pressure Cooker Season 1 Review – a creative show mixing reality TV and cooking

January 7, 2023

The post Pressure Cooker Season 1 Review – a creative show mixing reality TV and cooking appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We are reviewing the Netflix reality series Pressure Cooker Season 1, which was released on January 7, 2023.

Just when you think you’ve seen all the possible formats of cooking show known to mankind, netflix presents a new one. pressure cooker mixtures Survivorreality TV type and a more traditional cooking show to create a competition in which things are bound to heat up. Eleven chefs from different backgrounds and locations across the United States must live together in a house while completing a series of culinary challenges, each trying to win the grand prize of $100,000.

Pressure Cooker Season 1 Review and Premise

From the moment the chefs arrive at the house, with its large, colorful kitchen and well-stocked pantry, it’s clear this isn’t your typical cooking show. There’s no host or celebrity judging panel, just the eleven chefs and the restaurant-style cash machine giving them their challenges. The mix of private chefs and restaurateurs have to live together, which makes their personality and ability to work together almost as important as their cuisine to their ability to move on to the next round. They even share a bedroom, making it impossible to escape the occasional drama.

Their first challenge is to create a dish in 90 minutes that shows who each of them is as a chef. Then they are judged by each other. Throughout the show, guests are occasionally asked to judge the food they create — from food critics to family members — but most of the judging is done by one of the chefs themselves. This creates even more of an island experience and, of course, the potential for more drama. Challenges range from multi-course meals to making desserts from savory ingredients, requiring chefs to work in teams, pairs, or alone. Nobody – neither the chefs nor the viewers – ever knows what will come out of the ticket machine next.

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pressure cooker did a great job bringing together an interesting and eclectic group of candidates. There is great diversity represented in terms of gender, race and sexuality; chefs have come from Michigan, the Bronx, Maryland and more. There is a mix of people who have attended top-notch culinary institutes and people without formal training, demonstrating the variety that really exists in the restaurant industry. Some of the contestants, like Jeana, are hard to like but fun to watch, while others like Robbie and Ed are sure to be fan favorites. It’s amazing to see women like Renée and Lana prove their worth as chefs from the show’s first moments, proving that the role of “chef” isn’t just for men anymore.

Seeing how each chef brings their beautiful dishes to life is a joy, as is watching them all in their white chef jackets talking to each other as they cook. It’s fun to see different approaches to food and how even the most talented chefs can sometimes ruin a meal under pressure. Of course, there are also the talking head interview’s reactions to the events of the show, where confessions are split. Watching chefs forge alliances, break them, share drinks and even get emotional is fascinating. It certainly seems like a lot of them really care about each other, and I wonder what these newfound friendships between chefs brought together by the show may mean for the future of the culinary world.

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Is Pressure Cooker on Netflix any good?

Just as Netflix has reinvented the reality of dating with Love is blind, he did the same for cooking shows with Pressure cooker. It’s hard to stop watching (I purposely watched the whole series in one day), especially since many episodes end with annoying but effective cliffhangers. The show is extremely creative and excellent at creating suspense. pressure cooker is unlike any other cooking show and is so full of twists and turns that I can’t wait for the announcement of a second season.

What did you think of Season 1 of Netflix Reality Series Pressure Cooker? Comments below.

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The post Pressure Cooker Season 1 Review – a creative show mixing reality TV and cooking appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.