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Physics Season 2, Episode 7 Recap – “Don’t Try This at Home”

July 16, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 7, “Don’t Try This at Home,” contains spoilers.

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The ’80s drama finally delivers on all that potential, with Physical best episode so far. It’s an engrossing chapter that flies by with juicy rewards and more dramatic suspense as we race towards the season finale. The secrets are laid bare in an impressive seventh episode.

Physical season 2 episode 7 recap

“Don’t Try This at Home” opens with Sheila in a rather frosty board meeting. The big bosses have all met to discuss a controversial video sent to them anonymously. Obviously, Sheila orchestrated the whole thing and sent the tape herself, but Auggie and the other prehistoric investors are completely unaware of this scheme. The men in suits talk about its debauchery and the fact that it is a family business. They admit that they will have to terminate his contract. Sheila fakes a tear and accepts their decision, removing her poster from their wall. It’s a delightful setup that works perfectly. Sheila has an exit and can now go it alone.

Her first move is to find another investor and she phones Greta to arrange a meeting immediately. Greta worries that they’ve made things weird with the orgy proposal and worries that they’ll break up at this meal. But Sheila wants to go into business with her, to make them partners instead. Greta is overjoyed and screams with excitement in the crowded restaurant. His only wish is that there are no more secrets between them. She thinks these secrets cause Sheila to hold back and not reach her full potential.

Meanwhile, John is collapsing at home. The other church members pray for his wife and daughter to make it through, but John thinks his sin led to all this bad luck in the first place. At the hospital, they are told the baby will live, but he confesses to his wife and collapses anyway, ruining any cause for celebration. John admits to having slept with Sheila nineteen times, then lists numerous other transgressions, including drinking and specific sex acts. His wife yells at him to stop and demands that he become the man of the house again. She doesn’t care about his sinful ways, she just wants him to be supportive and reliable.

Danny offers Sheila a treatment program for her eating disorder, passing a pamphlet to his wife. She thinks he’s trying to force her to give in and regress, but Sheila doesn’t argue with her husband, which is progress I guess. She begins training after meeting Greta, hoping to come up with new ideas. Danny tells her to rest and she barks at him, stating that it’s her form of recovery. In a nice moment, Danny joins in on the exercise and really enjoys himself. This single, selfless act almost rekindles their relationship and the two smoke marijuana together to reflect as a couple. They concoct the idea of ​​”rediscovering themselves with Sheila” and Danny offers to invest in the project himself.

Greta is furious when Sheila brings up these new progressions and the friends argue. Greta has always been suspicious of Danny and calls him a cheater. Sheila admits that she also cheated on him, is bulimic and hates herself. Greta takes this confession as proof that Sheila is selling a lie and worries that she admired her for the wrong reasons. The argument ends with Greta hoping that Sheila will get the help she needs, but it’s a pretty sad exchange overall and possibly the end of their friendship.

The end

Sheila may have lost her best friend and investor, but things are about to get worse. She receives a phone call from John and meets at their usual motel place. Sheila is ambushed and John’s wife comes out of the bathroom. They speak of forgiveness and repentance of one’s sins. The couple lean over Sheila and tell her to pray with them. The shot then shows Sheila heading for the treatment center in Los Angeles, or is she heading for something else entirely?

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