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Physics season 2, episode 10 recap – finale and ending explained

August 6, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 10, “Don’t Say It’s Over,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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In the season finale, Sheila and Danny go to court as things start to get a little temperamental between the two warring parents, while Sheila’s new business venture burns through capital on its way to market. The series comes to some form of conclusion with “Don’t You Say It’s Over,” but seems to have made limited plot progression when you consider how season two started, with (frustratingly) things coming full circle again. the loop.

Physical season 2, episode 10 recap – finale and ending explained

Danny and Sheila appear to have separated, with Sheila visibly enjoying the single life. She stars on her marital bed and the next day in entrepreneur mode, relaunches her activity and prototypes a new product. Greta and Ernie are there to help him through this process, nodding at his every decision, bewildered by this whirlwind dictator. Sheila has learned from the best and is now an unstoppable force of nature, taking no nonsense and critiquing every detail. She produces a fitness stage and in a fun and quick montage, she disassembles each prototype placed in front of her, until she is satisfied with the fifth iteration.

Broke husband Danny has been kicked out of his home, reduced to sulking in a cheap hotel bachelor pad. The ex-politician, however, has started a new job and is trying to get back in shape. A trip to the gym results in bloody knuckles as he lets all that anger out on a punching bag, then he spots his mortal enemy John Breem in a tap class. The evil Mormon looks downright jovial as he dances to drive away his own anxieties, which only irritates Danny further. The two then meet in the parking lot. Danny looks ready to fight, but stays calm. John comes across as righteous and holier than you, saying he feels sorry for Danny and has no excuses for his actions. Danny controls his emotions and holds back, but you know he wants to attack.

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Ernie and Danny meet later that night to catch up over drinks. Danny explains his lackluster circumstances and doesn’t really downplay the loneliness factor. Ernie expects the talk of one-night stands and unprecedented freedom, but Danny doesn’t sugarcoat single life at all. His old friend has ulterior motives, however, eager to discuss legal matters instead. He explains that Danny is entitled to half of Sheila’s earnings and has specific rights as a co-owner of the business. Ernie hints that Danny might still get something out of this messy divorce.

Danny wastes no time addressing that elephant in the room with his wife. Sheila is practically venomous at Danny’s proposal and retaliates. She is furious that he thinks he is entitled to half his wealth after a brainstorming session. The bitter wife calls him selfish and vandalizes his equipment, but Danny fights back (for once), bringing up his lies and the affair.

Two Mormons in suits visit Bunny and Tyler, who live south of the border. They were sent by John Breem, who informed the Mormons that the lucky couple had been endowed with great wealth and might want to share that fortune with the church. Sheila chats with rehab best friend Harriet and Greta argues with Ernie in the bedroom. Sheila then seeks her own legal opinion, asking about Danny’s claim to half his earnings. The attorney admits it’s state law and, half-jokingly, Sheila asks about any other illegal options she might have.

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At her own product launch party, Sheila gives a big speech, thanking Greta for her involvement and explaining the importance of spreading her message globally. The exercise saved her life and now she wants others to benefit too. Danny arrives unannounced hoping to spoil his fun, he mentions an actress who launched an identical product, which is currently advertising on television. Sheila watches the infomercial in horror and that annoying voice comes back again. The self-hatred returns, but Sheila now has methods to deal with it and a fight still burns inside her, she won’t give up so easily.

The end

In the final scene, Sheila walks up to John’s office and hurls verbal abuse at the man. The two lovers stand next to each other in an intoxicating manner. She calls him greedy and vulgar, but then says she loves him. Sheila asks for his help, explaining that she has two adversaries. I think it involves her greedy husband Danny and her new fitness celebrity rival with the carbon copy business. John asks what her end goal is and she responds with “annihilation”, hinting at a coming war.

This concludes the second season, with Sheila once again fighting for her business and relying on the wealth and power of her secret lover John. It’s similar territory for the show, but mentally Sheila has come a long way, tackling her eating disorder and silencing that voice in her head, setting us up well for a third season.

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