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Physics season 2, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

June 3, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 1 contains spoilers.

Rose Byrne is back in blinding spandex for second season of ’80s Apple TV+ drama Physical. The first season ended with Sheila Rubin acquiring a distribution deal for her workout videos and her husband Danny losing his election bid. The sequel picks up where we left off, exploring the inner workings of these two main characters and their fake facade exteriors.

Physical season 2 episode 1 recap

The first episode, “Don’t You Want Me,” opens with Sheila looking at herself in a large mirror, as her internal monologue continues. She practices a conversation she is about to have with important people and tries to motivate herself. The ambitious housewife has been battling her own inner demons and a grim eating disorder for many years now, but here’s her first chance to capitalize on some much-needed success. In a bold yellow number, she walks through the party and tries to strike up a marketing dialogue with businessman Auggie Cartwright.

Husband Danny is desperate to leave the party, and Sheila quickly tires of fake smiles and overindulgent misogyny. They go out in a limo, where Danny talks incessantly about himself and the horrible party guests. He fumes, as Sheila’s inner voice struggles with her tongue. She refuses to say it, but just can’t hold it back any longer. Sheila screams “I hate you” out loud, much to Danny’s surprise. It’s a fun and cathartic moment, with Sheila finally finding the courage to stand up to this losing politician. He awkwardly tries to laugh it off, but she spends the night at Greta’s in a further sign of defiance.

The next morning, Sheila walks into the kitchen, ready to make her requests. But Danny is such-and-such a squishy, ​​he’s had time to think about his relationship all night and is pleading his case. The politician talks nonstop, saying he’s going to change, that he’s going to help around the house and let Sheila be the breadwinner this time around. Danny asks for a second chance and Sheila sadly submits. It’s a real blow to the previous Elation, but it seems realistic given their circumstances and the era.

Sheila begins promoting and selling her videotapes in a lackluster same-day store. Buyers are not interested and all hope seems lost. To make matters worse, Auggie’s son remains glued to the gazebo with a counter in his hand, recording his failures. Nonetheless, Sheila works her magic and manages to make a handful of sales, with that fighting spirit returning once again.

Meanwhile, Sheila’s former teacher and idol Bunny makes her own video with her partner Tyler. She is still livid after the end of season 1, blaming the woman for her downfall. Bunny tries to channel this anger into her rival gang, but fate is against her. The roommates record her first day of filming and the house is infested with lice and crabs. It makes me itch just to write this! She steals a copy of Sheila’s tape (and shampoo), possibly for directions.

The end

Danny’s new, revitalized outlook on life continues as he leads the school and signs up for a position on the school outreach committee with fellow student Greta. He first enjoys helping around the house, saying he can move with the times. Sheila seems annoyed at letting Danny take over. He has effectively regained control and although supportive, he is still clearly self-centered. The episode ends with the confused housewife venturing into John Breem’s (Card castle star Paul Sparks) residency for a late night date, capitalizing on their moody romance.

It’s a promising first, one that finds space to further explore the complex psyches of the characters, while pushing the story forward. The show started off fairly light on both drama and comedy thus far, but the series will hopefully find its feet again, given more time.

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