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Partner Track season 1, recap of episode 2 – “Meta-Strategy”

August 28, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series Partner Track season 1, episode 2, “Meta-Strategy”, contains spoilers.

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In the latest episode, Jeff revealed he remembered Ingrid from the wedding they both attended. But is there a place for him in Ingrid’s life? With Nick in the photo, it doesn’t look like it! But let’s find out what happens next.

Partner path summary of season 1, episode 2

At the office, Justin continues to act like an ar*e, with Rachel telling him he needs to do better. And the day may be difficult for Ingrid because she will be right next to Jeff as they organize several boxes together. Mrs. Weaver, Gigi, comes to the office, but she’s not in a very good mood. While Ingrid wants to fulfill herself through work, Jeff much prefers going to lunch. And that’s what he does. (Good for him!). When Ingrid decides to keep working, Nick comes to the office and brings her lunch, which is just as well as Ingrid reveals that she probably wouldn’t have eaten if he hadn’t brought lunch.

Just as Ingrid and Nick kiss, Jeff interrupts Ingrid’s lunch. Aws. Meanwhile, Rachel and Dan watch as Gigi tells her grandchildren that they won’t get anything out of their grandfather’s will. But suddenly Gigi gets worse and an ambulance has to be called. When Justin tells Ingrid to get some fresh air because she’s been “locked up” all day, it gives him an idea. And does this idea help Ingrid find exactly what she was looking for? You bet. So she goes to the Oak Room, where he and Jeff Murphy should be. Rachel receives a phone call and learns that Gigi is dead. As she discusses death with a Heartless, Dan dismisses her death, though he receives mild karma moments later when Justin “spills” red wine on him.

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Ingrid calls Jeff for going out for a drink while she was in the office doing work. Although he apologizes, he still seems like a jerk about it. Ingrid sums it up best by saying that she’s seen him, but doesn’t fall in love with him. Even though he claims to be a “people’s person”. The show’s second episode ends with Ingrid meeting Nick and making out with him.

Even if Ingrid seems to be very attached to Nick, I have the impression that there is going to be something complicated with Nick. Instead, I think by the end of the first season, Ingrid will date Jeff, or at the very least have a more romantic relationship with him. As for Nick, I’m going to predict he has a secret relationship or he’ll be cheating on Ingrid somewhere down the line.

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