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Partner Track season 1, episode 5 recap – “Out of Office”

August 27, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series Partner Track season 1, episode 5, “Out of Office”, contains spoilers.

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Since it seems more likely that Ingrid will find herself torn between Jeff and Nick, there could be loads of drama in the next episode. But are there really many choices for Ingrid to consider? So far, Nick has proven himself to be a gentleman, so he should be the easier option. Right? Maybe not. I still think he’ll end up cheating on Ingrid.

Partner path summary of season 1, episode 5

After Nick drops Ingrid off at work, she is distracted when she sees Jeff. And it’s even worse for her when she has to talk to him while he’s shirtless. Meanwhile, Rachel gets to work on the skit she’s doing. Later, Ingrid and Jeff get to work on the biggest deal of her career, which is working from the honeymoon suite of a first-class hotel.

When Nick calls Ingrid while she is still at the hotel, Ingrid forgets to be with Jeff. But as Ingrid rejects Jeff’s ability to Nick, Jeff manages to get results on the case. As Rachel continues to work on the sketch, its main star (Jerry) attempts to flee. So she and Justin sail after him on a small boat. When Jeff scores enough to seal the deal, Ingrid kisses him. But she stops kissing him and says she has to tell Tyler. She rushes to Tyler and confides her problem to him. But Tyler has a little reminder for her; she has a boyfriend.

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While on the lake, Rachel and Justin’s boat runs out of juice. As a result, they are stuck in the middle of the lake. While stranded there, Rachel gets hooky with Justin. Justin, on the other hand, remains calm and collected. He even compliments Rachel’s skit. During the evening dinner, Ingrid promises to have dinner with Luna. And then the main event begins! At night, Rachel and Justin are still stuck in lack. Justin asks why she is a lawyer. Although she doesn’t answer, Justin tells her that she’s the kind of person who could be anything. Next thing you know, Rachel and Justin are kissing.

The end

Next, Dan does his stand-up gig, where he gives a masterclass in white fragility. He turns out to be “a piece of shit”. But despite everything, Ingrid and Tyler feel powerless to do anything. But Ingrid wants Dan to be held accountable for what he said on stage. She goes to Marty with her worries and he agrees something needs to be done.

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