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Partner Track season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

August 26, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series Partner Track season 1, episode 10, “Dawn Raid”, explains the ending, contains spoilers.

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Ingrid continues to cry about not making a partner. So Jeff comes to visit. He tells her that he has officially left the hotel and bought his own place. With Christmas right around the corner (at least for the characters), there’s a strong Christmas feel to the episode from the start. When Rachel goes to work, Wanda is there, and she’s had a huge turnaround. Although, since she was photographed with a man in a goose suit, she needs Rachel’s help.

Partner path recap of season 1, episode 10 – the ending explained

Ingrid and Tyler finally come face to face after their falling out. They update each other on their lives, and it’s as if they’ve never had a fight! Rachel tries to help Wanda’s case. As a result, she ends up offering her blackmailer 50,000 so he can follow his dreams and take flying lessons. Wanting to make her own mark, she turns to NewLeaf to stage a shareholder coup so they can all take a majority. So far they have 30%, meaning they “only have” 20.1% to go. Soon, Rachel and Tyler are back in the fold as they help out their “best friend.”

Although Justin abandoned Rachel in the last episode, the expression on Rachel’s face suggests that she isn’t abandoning him just yet. Shortly after, Ingrid obtains the majority. But as Z tells him, that’s the easy part. Later in the episode, Ingrid and Z try to convince her father to join them. Later, while at the gym, Tyler looks at someone. And in the next scene, it cuts them having sex. So it looks like he got over his boyfriend pretty quickly.

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Jeff informs Ingrid that Victoria will attend the meeting. And that’s because anyone who owns more than 2% shares will have to attend the meeting in person. Big problem for Ingrid. So, she begs Rachel to try to get Wanda to come to the meeting. Ingrid manages to delay the meeting by making sure last month’s minutes are read aloud. The plan works and Wanda is able to make it to the meeting on time. And because of that, there’s a vote of no confidence in the chairman of the board, Ted. Very dramatic.

The end

Sure enough, many follow suit, and there is a majority vote against Ted. And Franklin becomes the new president. Lesson learned, don’t mess with Ingrid. Although Ingrid, Rachel, and Tyler never teamed up, they, of course, made it on their own. But the drama is not over. Ted tries to ruin Ingrid. But Z is willing to stand by her side, and he threatens Ted to stop any revenge plans he has against Ingrid. But the biggest shock comes at the end. Jeff had told Ted about Ingrid’s arrest, probably to make sure he would be a partner and she wouldn’t.

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