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Ozark season 4, episode 7 recap – part 1 ending explained

January 21, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s Ozark Season 4, Episode 7, “Sanctified”, contains spoilers.

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The end of Part 1 packs a punch. Viewers will be in shock and screaming for the release of Part 2. Episode 7 had a lot of twists and turns, but it ends in such an emotional bubble it’s almost exhausting. ozark book midway through season 4.

ozark season 4, episode 7 recap – the end of part 1 explained

ozark season 4, episode 7 opens with a memory; Marty remembers his friend Bruce questioning his average life. He wanted to associate with his friend. In the present, Marty reminisces about the simpler life and smiles; he then tells Wendy that he loves her before leaving for a critical day. Omar will meet with the FBI to finalize a deal.

Ruth thinks she will leave her old life with her cousin Wyatt in episode 7. However, Ruth receives a blow; Wyatt reveals that he will marry Darlene, so Zeke doesn’t end up in foster care. She is shocked and calls Darlene dangerous. But Wyatt has already made up his mind. After calming down, Ruth begs Frank Jr not to kill Darlene because her cousin is marrying her. She thinks it would be wise for him to take over her father’s business instead. Surprisingly, Frank Jr promises not to touch Darlene.

Later in the episode, Darlene and Wyatt get married in a private ceremony, which turns out to be crucial.

And the crucial meeting takes place; after many episodes, Omar finally meets the FBI. A momentous occasion in the series. Jim tells the FBI that Omar Navarro ceded power to his nephew, Javier Emilio Elizondro, in exchange for freedom of mobility and the promise of immunity, which will also help neutralize the cartel entirely. However, the FBI has its own ideas and adds a twist to it; they ask Omar to stay on as head of the cartel for five years and provide information. Thereafter, he will be exempt from prosecution. Maya Miller is shocked by this approach; she had no idea they would do this, and her only motive was to bring down the biggest cartel in North America.

Maya Miller forgot one thing; at this level, it’s all about intelligence, power, money and politics. There is a bigger picture.

Of course, Omar isn’t sure if he has a relationship with the FBI, so Wendy offers a one-year relationship instead. But, the FBI doesn’t want to negotiate, and they tell Wendy and Marty to convince Omar to accept this deal.

Omar knows he will kill family members by accepting this deal, and he knows that Javi is “too stupid and too dangerous”. He also feels the FBI is going the “f**k over” in five years. Wendy admits nothing is certain, but she doesn’t think he has any choice but to agree. Omar returns to the meeting and accepts the five-year relationship with the FBI. The FBI tells Wendy and Marty that their work with the cartel is over and they will take over.

And what follows is a brief but silent celebration that speaks volumes; Omar tells Wendy it’s been a pleasure watching her work, but he also tells her not to forget about him “when everything’s quiet”. He senses that she enjoys the life of crime. Either way, Marty and Wendy take this opportunity and tell Charlotte the great news.

But everything seemed so simple, and even the creators ofozark were not going to mislead the public. As Omar walks to his plane home, he is surrounded by police and arrested – Maya Miller leads the arrest. His moral compass shines. She refuses to let Omar go and used another legal entity to bring him down. Word spreads quickly, so Marty and Wendy pack for the family, and panic surrounds them. Unfortunately, the FBI’s hands are tied because Maya used a different authority. And so, Marty tells the FBI to offer the same deal with the nephew, Javi. When the FBI hesitates, Marty reminds them of the multi-million funding they receive each quarter for this operation and promises them a higher fee.

Marty proved in that moment that anyone can be bought.

With everything on the line, Marty calls Javi and tells him that he had nothing to do with his uncle’s arrest, and that he wants to present an opportunity. Javi has only one thing in mind: to kill Marty. And then, Jim calls him and tells him that in light of Omar’s arrest, all of his business dealings must be bulletproof and insists he go to his house immediately.

When Marty arrives at Jim’s house, Javi is there and he immediately assaults Marty. Meanwhile, Wendy visits Omar in police custody, and she tells him to call Javi and explain that he was working with the FBI. She admits that a mistake was made with Agent Miller and that they need Javi. She guarantees that as soon as Javi agrees to a deal, Omar will be extradited to Mexico. She swears on her life that he can get away from it all if he calls Javi.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let’s go back to Marty, who again faces the weapon of a cartel member. He asks Javi for time and guarantees that he can get a deal with the US government like his uncle. As Javi is about to shoot Marty, Omar calls out to him. After hearing what Omar had to say, Javi decides not to kill Marty. Omar tells Wendy that he wants out in 48 hours or else she and Marty will be killed.

Sensing that their whole family is in danger, Marty asks Ruth to drop by the house in the morning, and if Wendy isn’t around, she wants her to take the stash of money from church and take her kids out. from the city ; Marty knows that Javi is an erratic and unpredictable man – Ruth agrees to help him. Oh, how ironic that scene turned out.

Wendy tells the FBI they need to meet Javi at one of their business establishments. they initially refuse as they want a specific location, but Wendy threatens to reveal everything to the media if they don’t. The FBI meets Javi with Wendy and Marty. They offer him a deal and he accepts it. Marty and Wendy tell Omar that they never revealed to Javi that he worked with the FBI on a deal; they ask the cartel boss for assurances that their family will be safe or the money and capital will be drained from his accounts. Omar is disappointed in the two of them, especially Wendy, and is appalled that they hid their children. He states that he would never threaten to kill children before leaving.

Charlotte returns home and tells her parents that Jonah has returned to the motel and has no plans to join them for Chicago. The next day, Jonah collects the rest of his things. It feels like a moment of failure for Wendy; everything she tried failed to bring Jonah back into the fold. One has to wonder if, in hindsight, staying calm, like Marty, would have been a better option. Meanwhile, Marty begins to think about going back to everyday life and buying a desk like he was going to do in the past. In a flashback, Bruce tells Marty about the Lake of the Ozarks and how he and his partner loved it.

The end

The end of Part 1 is emotionally draining and intense, and it all comes down to Julia Garner’s performance of Ruth. She has that ending…

Darlene and Wyatt are returning home from their wedding and Javi is sitting in their house. He reminds the newly married couple that he asked them to stop selling heroin, and before they can respond adequately, he shoots and kills them both.

Ruth heads home and hears Zeke crying frantically in bed. She finds Wyatt and Darlene dead, and the music goes silent briefly, allowing the audience to soak in the shock Ruth is going through. Ruth walks away from the house sobbing. She calls Frank Jr and accuses him of killing Darlene and Wyatt. Frank Jr insists he had no role in their murders.

And so, Ruth heads to the Byrde family home, and she’s inconsolable, explaining that her cousin Wyatt and his new wife Darlene were killed, and she demands that they tell her who. did so while brandishing a shotgun. When Marty pretends not to know, she calls him a liar. As Wendy tries to calm Ruth down, Jonah tells her that the person who killed them was Javi.

Realizing the danger of this situation for Ruth and their family, Wendy tells him that Javi works for the FBI, so she can’t touch him if he’s responsible. Ruth explodes, tearing the fabric of the scene with her emotional outlet, and tells them that if they want to stop her from killing him, they’ll have to kill her before they leave.

And breathe…

We have to wonder halfway through Season 4 if Wendy and Marty will survive – all the chaos in the Ozarks always seems to center them. Yes, Javi killed the only remaining member of Ruth’s family, but look how it started? It all comes back to the Byrde family. Ruth even told Marty that all of his plans never end well for her.

As with everything else, anything can happen. We will have to wait for the release of Season 4 Part 2.

Additional points

  • Mel Sattem calls Agent Millar – he says he’s a big fan of hers after seeing her on the news taking Omar.

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