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Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 8 recap – drama intensified

September 20, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 8 contains spoilers.

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After yesterday’s chapter, Once upon a small town returns to focus on his tracks in episode eight, but this time with a slight twist. Adding a new character into the fold, one who passed with Ji-yul, the drama escalates at a time when it seemed like Ji-yul was about to finally express her feelings for Ja-young. As such, there’s now a decent amount of intrigue, particularly about how things might change in the future.

Once upon a small town summary of season 1, episode 8

After watching a distracted Ja-young reminisce about the events of the night before that saw her lend a bike to Ji-yul, who expressed her joy at seeing the policeman, we move on to see the vet at work. Here he overhears what Mal-geum had said about his friend during the heated argument between Huidong and Majeong over who would hold the national singing competition. This then leads to a test of mental toughness for Ji-yul, as he is asked to watch a dog owned by the village representative’s mother he is now antagonized with, a task that would require quite a long drive.

Worried about traveling in an emergency to where he’s supposed to be, Ji-yul struggles to come to terms with traveling to Gupyeong to check on the sick dog. That, and he also wonders if Ja-young resents Mal-geum, given that she always says hurtful things and then feigns kindness when she wants something. However, the policeman soon leaves no choice to his knowledge, agreeing on his behalf to make the trip so that the canine is treated.

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Along the way, Ja-young dismisses Mal-geum’s negative qualities, instead focusing on the fact that she’s ultimately not a bad person. With that in mind, Ji-yul clarifies that he’s going to Gupyeong mainly for the dog, but also because he’s worried about the old lady. Humorously, the tone changes quickly, with the couple lightly discussing how to formally (or informally) talk to each other now that their age difference has been re-established.

After treating the dog, the two friends run into trouble when Ji-yul notices his truck’s flat tire. What follows is a 90-minute wait for a replacement, although this positively allows the couple some alone time together. As such, the vet can talk about how, although nothing is planned, he doesn’t hate his life in Huidong. Content, Ja-young smiles warmly, before the duo enjoy some time at the beach to unwind from their busy lives.

When the two return to the village, they find themselves cut off by a car, one we soon see belongs to a woman claiming to have traveled to the distant destination because she misses Ji-yul. Awkwardly, Ja-young decides to let the couple talk alone. Elsewhere, Yun-hyeong also arrives in Huidong, heading to the veterinary hospital to the surprise of Yeong-suk, who has no idea who the Seoul-based worker is.

Curious to know why her ex appeared in Huidong when they broke up a year ago, Ji-yul learns that Min wants the couple to get back together. “Let’s start with the good stuff. Properly,” she said, only to be interrupted by Yun-hyeong’s visit. Ultimately, it’s Seoul-based worker Min’s fault here, as his live preview of a visit to Ji-yul’s vet hospital informed the vet’s ex of where to go. he could be found.

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Continuing, Ji-yul is frustrated that his friend is talking about him on a stream without permission, but this is quickly glossed over, as Yun-hyeong wants to know what will be done about the “stubborn” Min. We see the response attempts to send her home, as Ji-yul ignores comments about how he’s become more manly in favor of demanding that his ex return before it gets dark. However, such a remark falls on deaf ears, as Min says that she will stay in the village for a week and do her best to convince the vet Huidong during this time. Then she’s about to leave the hospital after saying everything she needs to for a day.

Thanks to the bursting of a pipe at Se-ryeon’s house, Ja-young has to offer her place to the “bed and breakfast guest”, who the police officer unfortunately discovers is Min. Hearing the Huidong Women’s Association fuss over who they soon believe to be Ji-yul’s girlfriend, Ja-young is obviously deflated, especially since the vet is unable to do what. whether to clarify the truth about the situation amidst all the hubbub.

While it is established that Min has met Ja-young before, with the former curious as to how the policeman knows Ji-yul, Sang-hyeon arrives and is instantly dubbed the popular Huidong local’s “soul mate”. This naturally leads Min to confuse the peach farmer with Ja-young’s girlfriend (Sang-hyeon welcomes this labeling, however, putting an arm around his longtime friend), adding more tense awkwardness to a situation. already unique.

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As the two women get to know each other lightly, discussing Ja-young’s clean and simple house, Sang-hyeon talks with Ji-yul. Here the vet admits he doesn’t have a girlfriend when the fisherman smugly mentions how much he must have missed Min, but points out that Sang-hyeon is also partnerless, referencing his fake deed earlier. “I think you’re wrong,” the president of the Young Men’s Association said in response, now clearly believing he’s won Ja-young’s affection.

Afterwards, Yun-hyeong, in an attempt to be helpful, states that he thinks there’s “room to reconsider” when it comes to bringing Ji-yul back with Min, who was the vet’s first love. “It’s not like your relationship crashed and burned,” he adds, trying to rationalize restarting the fractured relationship. Still, Ji-yul doesn’t seem to mind, though Yun-hyeong points out that he seemed offended at the idea of ​​someone else hugging Min. Then the conversation changes, as the vet’s guest becomes interested in Yeong-suk’s age.

The end

When Ja-young is raised by Yun-hyeong, Ji-yul seems to realize that it’s the policeman he’s thinking about right now, not Min. So, as Ja-young takes Nurungji for a walk with Sang-hyeon, ready to respond to the fisherman’s confession, the vet steps in. Stating bluntly that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, Ji-yul ends the episode by looking into Ja-young’s eyes, seemingly ready to express his own feelings.

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