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Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 6 recap – a carefully moving episode

September 15, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

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In a change of tone, episode six of Once upon a small town was quite powerful. Filled with musings on life and death, among other things, this well-acted chapter added a layer of depth to the generally airy storytelling.

Once Upon a Small Town Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

We start with a flashback, watching Ji-yul’s family skidding to avoid colliding with an animal. There, a man frantically fights to try and save those who become trapped in the car, as we return to the vet doing the same in the present. Opening the window, he manages to free Ja-young, while a look into the past once again shows that Ji-yul suffered a mirror tragedy in his youth, where it was actually the policeman who helped set him free. provide help.

At the hospital, a solemn and thoughtful Ji-yul watches his friend rest. Then, Sang-hyeon arrives, worried about what could have happened, though curious as to why the vet is already there. “I just was” is the response, drawing a frail thank you from the fisherman. In time, Ja-young wakes up, greeted by Sang-hyeon who asks her if she is aware of her surroundings. Naturally, the popular resident is more concerned about Geun-mo, but her co-worker is presumed to be fine considering he’s already walking around. Subsequently wondering how she got to the hospital, the police officer hears about Ji-yul’s selfless act of rescuing.

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After Ji-yul allowed Ja-young to leave alongside Sang-hyeon, we cut to the policeman at home. There, she struggles to express her gratitude to the vet over text, going back over every word she forms. Elsewhere, the two young men in the village reflect on their own, each clearly affected by the day’s events in different ways.

The next day, the recovering police officers make sure they get back to work, with Ja-young in particular going above and beyond when he goes to Pyeong-sik’s house. Along the way, she makes a quick stop at the animal hospital, only to find that Ji-yul isn’t there.

Instead, donning a black suit and holding flowers, Ji-yul headed to her parents’ resting place to pay her respects. After that, Ja-young bumps into the vet on her way home, sparking a slightly awkward, interrupted conversation based on the events of yesterday.

After Sang-hyeon drives with the policeman, talking about life (and making another request to think more about his confession), we cut to Ji-yul. Here, the veterinarian is instructed to euthanize a dying bull, which is clearly in pain as it has stopped eating and its organs are deteriorating. Pyeong-sik, who believes the animal is like family, expresses that he wants to go through this process so that the bull’s death can be painless.

Then, a meeting involving both Huidong and Majeong over where a national singing competition should take place sees tensions rise between the two regions. Bickering over their appropriate host locations quickly becomes petty, with each representative mentioning the other village’s respective “pettiness”. Naturally, this all leads to physical alteration, which increases in volatility when Mal-geum brings up the idea that Ja-young is spoiled for not having parents.

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Eventually, the policeman manages to simmer the proceedings by hitting the ceiling with a truncheon. That being said, this doesn’t see the end of the bitterness, as Mal-geum blames Ja-young for always siding with Huidong despite the pity she has for her, in addition to the fact that the money from his taxes are also used to pay the worker. As such, the comedic physicality resumes soon.

As Ji-yul talks with his colleague from Seoul about the impending euthanasia of a bull and his need to find an anesthetic, a deflated Ja-young sits alone outside. Luckily, Sang-hyeon arrives to provide him with company, checking on his longtime friend’s well-being. Nevertheless, the policeman just wants to be alone, so she goes to clear her head while walking.

Then we watch Ji-yul euthanize the sick bull as Pyeong-sik watches, thanking his trusted animal and wishing it back to him when reborn. “My wife might come back in some form, so let the three of us get back together and live happily together,” he says, before the vet finishes the difficult job.

Later, Ji-yul speaks with the elder, who knows the Seoul-based doctor misses his parents today. Reflecting on the role he played caring for the vet after tragedy as a child, it allows the two to share a poignant heart-to-heart about key life moments and those who passed away. “As long as you don’t forget someone you yearn to see, they will come to you as rain or even wind,” says Pyeong-sik, sharing his mother’s wisdom.

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Before he leaves Pyeong-sik’s house, Ji-yul reminisces about his past with Ja-young. “You were so adorable, you used to play together in secret at the time,” the old man explains, suddenly making it clear to the vet who the person he was with is. found.

The end

Between flashback scenes showing the two’s past as childhood friends who did just about everything together, we watch Ji-yul stand in front of Ja-young. For now though, we hear no words, as the episode ends with the two staring into each other’s eyes.

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