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Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 10 recap – a fast-paced episode

September 27, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 10 contains spoilers.

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With only a few episodes left today, Once upon a small town began to solve all his problems. Ending the love triangles in this episode was a smart move, and allows the show to move quickly to a cleaner climax. With the stakes now clear in the final two chapters, there is a pleasant comfort to the proceedings.

Once upon a small town summary of season 1, episode 10

Once Ji-yul (played by Choo Youngwoo) helps Ja-young (played by Park Soo-young) puts the corn away, the policeman leaves nervously, wanting the snack to be shared without her. However, she is not left alone, as the vet chases her to return her bike and tries to clarify what she saw, though it is an unsuccessful attempt. Solemn, Ja-young still decides to walk home, deflated by what happened. Meanwhile, Yun-hyeong asks Ji-yul to better understand his affection for the policeman, giving his friend some advice on just confessing his feelings and then going from there.

At home, Ja-young aims to clear the air with Min regarding the corn incident, but ends up wondering if Ji-yul is really just a friend to her. The answer is stuttered, but the policeman claims that nothing is happening between her and her former secret friend. “I was just happy to see him again after so long,” Ja-young adds, admitting that she cares about Ji-yul, but not in a way that Min might worry about. Plus, the popular resident is sure that sentiment is shared with the vet. Nonetheless, Min isn’t exactly happy with what she heard, so she still asks if Ja-young can make sure those platonic feelings are clear to Ji-yul.

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After Yun-hyeong returns to Seoul, we move into the night. Here, Ji-yul gets the chance to talk to Ja-young thanks to a text from Min informing him that they will continue their conversation tomorrow at the hospital. Elsewhere, Sang-hyeon is greeted by the policeman at the cafe, where he is told that his confession is not being returned by his longtime friend. This conversation greatly upsets Ja-young, as it reveals her fear of hurting the peach farmer with rejection given all he does for her, though a mature response shows that the two will continue their bond, just now. a different way. With that in mind, Sang-hyeon tells the policeman to let him deal with this current on his own and jokes that the setback might be regretted when he starts to like someone else.

The next day, Ji-yul is candid with Min. He tells his ex that what she feels for him is not love, just regret for “what was and what could have been”. Also, the vet states that he doesn’t hate Min, or that he doesn’t want to deny their story, he just has someone he wants to be with. Min rushes off to exclaim that Ja-young doesn’t share that affection, before accepting that she’s “irrationally stubborn” and apologizing for her behavior, both to Huidong and during their relationship. Asking for time to process the fact that her ex loves someone else, Min says she’ll try to move on.

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When Ja-young doesn’t show up at the hospital, Ji-yul looks for her at the police station and then at Sang-hyeon’s farm. Satisfied, the veterinarian deduces that the fisherman faced a rejection from the policeman, noting his behavior as a big brother. What follows is a rather humorous scene between the couples, based on Ji-yul’s lack of skills to help with some of the required manual labor involving the Sang-hyeon fruit.

In time, Ja-young arrives, but she is incredibly tense with Ji-yul, claiming that she has nothing to say to him. When confronted with her avoidance of the vet, however, the policeman begins to stumble, failing to convince him that she is not crazy, while trying to end any misunderstandings. Then the confession comes abruptly. Ja-young is slow to accept this but, once aware of his authenticity, pushes him back harshly. “To me, Han Ji-yul is just a little boy,” she says, before adding that she won’t fall for the trap a second time.

Thinking about it, Ja-young bumps into Yeong-suk, who tells him that Ji-yul could return to Seoul sooner now that his grandparents are planning to return to Huidong. Hearing that a suitcase has been delivered to the hospital, which could imply an imminent departure, the policeman seems upset, perhaps knowing that his rejection was irrelevant.

Luckily, Sang-hyeon is quickly on hand to lend an ear. Surprised that his friend isn’t more comfortable now that she’s sorted out her love life, the peach farmer wants to know why Ja-young looks nervous, like a person would after a lie. The police officer denies that, saying she’s had enough of people leaving whenever they want, knowing she shouldn’t have grown attached to Ji-yul anyway. However, Sang-hyeon points out that Ja-young’s fear of the vet leaving means she doesn’t want him, helping her friend realize that she could have made a mistake.

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The end

Admitting that she was overconfident that she could work things out with Ji-yul and apologizing to Ja-young for her behavior, a waiting Min seems ready to end her stay in Huidong. However, the policewoman takes advantage of this moment of candor to open up first, revealing that she does indeed have feelings for the veterinarian, a statement that does not necessarily come as a shock. Afterwards, Min says the two should never see each other again, smiling with the belief that she will move on from her ex.

Determined, Ja-young decides to rush to Ji-yul in the hospital, ready to right his wrongs. Unfazed when told that the vet will be leaving for Seoul in 15 days, the policeman walks straight in for a kiss, ending the episode.

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