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Next time on… Surface season 1, episode 8

August 26, 2022

This article contains predictions for the Apple TV + Surface series season 1, episode 8, and includes details on the release date and where to watch online.

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In the penultimate episode, Sophie comes to terms with her past, but still stubbornly tries to cover up her criminal misdeeds. James and Baden fight to prove their worth, though Sophie doesn’t know who to trust. Here’s what happened in episode seven of Surface:

  • Hannah and Sophie apologize to each other during their first therapy session in a long time. Sophie accepts his suicide attempt and aspires to move on.
  • Sophie asks Baden not to deliver the proof of the transaction. He gives her 24 hours to fix things. She exposes everything to James and tries to get the money out of the bank. Her suspicious behavior is noted, however, and she backs out.
  • James is under investigation again after Todd’s whistleblower. Harrison and James threaten the assistant on a rooftop. He explains everything, saying he was framed by an undercover cop.
  • Caroline and Sophie meet for a drink. Sophie feels helpless in her current situation and wants to fix things again.
  • Sophie wants to confess and goes to Baden in secret to tell him everything. Baden thinks James is lying about Sophie’s story. Baden wants to run away with her. Sophie asks him to destroy the evidence, but he won’t.
  • James informs Sophie of Harrison’s arrangement with Baden. He hired Baden to investigate Sophie, but fell in love with her instead. James says you can’t trust Baden.
  • Baden packs up his life ready to escape. Sophie questions him about Harrison’s allegations. Baden admits he was following her. She blackmails him into destroying the evidence.
  • The married couple go on a date, but Baden comes along to spoil the mood. He passes a thumb drive to Sophie, then fights with James.
  • Sophie finds Baden dead in his apartment, after his cover is blown.
  • The USB key contains images of Sophie jumping. She tells James the truth. He still thinks Baden is somehow involved, he won’t accept that she tried to kill herself. James kisses Sophie saying it wasn’t their fault.
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Surface season 1, episode 8 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, September 2, 2022 at 12:00 a.m. PT.

Where to watch online

Viewers around the world can catch Surface season 1, episode 8 on Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • Next week is the final episode, so expect big reveals and shocking twists. Honestly, I don’t know what else there is to explore. We now know Sophie scammed James out of his money and then attempted to kill herself after an argument with her husband. Baden is dead and all the details seem to be linked.
  • I imagine there will be another twist to come, maybe James lied about Sophie’s past or that Sophie was more innocent in the scam than we thought?
  • Hopefully the show offers a satisfying ending to make up for the sluggish middle section.

You can watch this series with an Apple TV+ subscription.

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