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Next Time On… Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 1, episodes 15 & 16

August 12, 2022

This article is a preview of Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 1, episodes 15 and 16, and may contain spoilers for previous episodes.

Netflix’s latest k-drama offering is Extraordinary Prosecutor Wooa charming comedy-drama about a young woman with autism spectrum disorder joining a major law firm and dealing with a healthy dose of irrational prejudice alongside her court cases.

Here is where we are:

Episode 13: “This is the second case in two parts. But it’s the first one that feels like a vacation. And perhaps the case’s relatively small stakes are intentional, a way to get us to focus on the bubbling relationships and personal crises that have been brought on the journey.

Episode 14: “You’ll be pleased to hear that noodle business represents gain in a fairly well-written way, even though it felt like a bit of a chore earlier. But it still remains a sideshow, with the drama of the characters – especially Young-woo and Jun-ho – forming the main event. There are a few moves in the question of Young-woo’s parentage that will likely form the bulk of the drama in the final two episodes, but there’s something quietly tragic about this foundational love story, all the more so. that we know Young-woo tries to preserve Jun-ho’s feelings, but actually hurts him more than necessary because of his social ineptitude. It’s sad and truthful in that only the most compelling drama is.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 1, episode 15 and 16 release date

Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo Episode 15 is set to air on Wednesday, August 17, with Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo episode 16 aired the following day, Thursday August 18.

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Where to Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo Online

This show is exclusive to Netflix and can be viewed on the platform with a subscription. As mentioned above, you can check out new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.

What is Lawyer Extraordinary Woo talking about?

From AsianWiki:

Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin) is extremely intelligent and she also suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder. She never forgets what she sees, but she lacks social skills and empathy. Woo Young-Woo starts working as a trainee lawyer at a large law firm. While working there, she faces prejudice and irrationality against her, but she solves cases with her own unique perspective and grows as a lawyer.

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