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Next time… Central Park season 3, episode 5

September 16, 2022

This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 5, and includes the release date and where to watch online.

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We had the best episode of season 3 of central park Again. We saw Paige and Owen realize that they were overworking themselves and neglecting their families, which becomes a teaching moment for the Tillermans. Here’s everything that happened in Season 3, Episode 4.

  • Owen and Paige are overwhelmed with work and life, which stresses them both to the max.
  • Paige lets everyone know that the cable guy is coming to fix their cable, and they can pick out a new package for an upgrade that the kids got excited about.
  • The “Henrietta” family hard drive disappeared because Owen used it for work. Owen calls Elwood, who says he found it but uses it for work. Elwood tells him that he password protected it but forgot the password. The Tillermans are nervous about all the family photos and kids’ drawings, but more importantly, the first chapter of her Paige book is about it.
  • First, Cole takes Owen’s phone to try to get Elwood’s brain to work out the password, but it doesn’t work. Then Molly does the same by telling him horror stories that don’t work. Finally, Owen collapses to try to get it out of him, but that doesn’t work either.
  • Finally, Paige comes home, and while everyone thought she would freak out about the book, she was more worried about family business on the ride.
  • As Owen and Paige realize they’ve worked too hard and forgot about family, Owen breaks into a sweet song about family, causing Elwood to remember the password.
  • The cable guy shows up, and when the kids choose a package, they inform them that the promotion has expired, and it would be $25 a month, which Paige says, goes by just to fix the cable.
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Central Park season 3, episode 5 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, September 23, 2022. Release time is 12-12 midnight PT

Where to watch online

Viewers around the world can watch Central Park Season 1 Episode 5 on Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • Bitsy continues her hunt to get the acting mayor in her pocket.
  • Owen’s campaign doesn’t go as planned, causing him to worry about the park’s future.
  • Paige’s book is starting to arrive.
  • Abby delivers the most important role of her career.

You can watch this series with an Apple TV+ subscription.

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