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Netflix’s K-drama Love To Hate You is must-watch as fans call it ‘shamelessly feminist and fun’

February 13, 2023

Netflix’s K drama Love To Hate You was released on February 10. Starring Yoo Teo and Kim Ok Bin, Kim Jung Kwon’s Love To Hate You perfects the enemies-lovers trope and presents some hard-to-avoid drama. Here we take a look at the Love To Hate You ending.

K-dramas have no shortage of shows that perfectly execute the enemies-lovers trope, but, when done right, there’s always an appetite for new shows to become favorites.

With a fresh new cast and an over-the-top treatment of the trope, director Kim Jung Kwon’s Love To Hate You manages to bring that X-factor to the same old story of hate turning into love that’s hard to look away from. .

Teo Yoo as Nam Kang Ho smiling at his exposed fans as we take a look at the ending of Love To Hate YouLove To Hate You K-drama Trailer / The Swoon YouTube

Love To Hate You ending explained

Netflix’s K-drama Love To Hate You offers a rather satisfying ending that also suits the chaotic story of Yeon Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho, a top lawyer and actor who meet under strange circumstances with the worst firsts. impressions but end up becoming each other’s favorite people.

Yeon Mi Ran has lived her life protecting others from dangerous men, while Kang Ho’s career as a top actor and his hurtful past have made him a hidden misogynist. So when Kang Ho meets someone like Mi Ran, it changes the actor in inexplicable ways.

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Whether it’s looking for Mi Ran as a sparring partner or asking the lawyer to be a stuntman, Kang Ho opens his heart to the lawyer and soon the chaotic duo become a couple.

But soon, Mi Ran and Kang Ho’s dream life takes a different turn when a news channel reports on Mi Ran’s “past life” by talking about her frivolous nature and how she pursued hundreds of men in casual relationships.

The drama’s final episode is crucial to the plot, as it highlights the seeming conservatism of society where women exercising their choices or pursuing multiple people over their lifetime are seen as a character flaw.

Through Mi Ran, the director normalizes a woman’s right to choose how to live, and Kang Ho’s nonchalant attitude about Mi Ran’s past shows that he is ready to change his misogynistic views.

At the end, Mi Ran’s classmates come to the rescue as they tell the world how the lawyer helped them out of dangerous relationships, heartbreak, and dishonest men.

Meanwhile, Mi Ran’s friend and Kang Ho’s director and CEO of the actor’s agency overcome their obstacles and start loving each other.

Kang Ho reunites with Mi Ran and the two best friends have a happy ending in the finale of Love To Hate You.

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Love To Hate You review: Well-done comedy

Korean dramas really know how to perfect their rom-com dramas and Love To Hate You will easily rank among the top ten Korean romantic comedy dramas of all time.

From an over-the-top approach to the hate-to-love trope, to bringing in a cast that turned in their best performances, Love To Hate You could be your perfect Valentine’s Day binge watch.

Teo Yoo as Kang Ho is a delight to watch onscreen – a brooding man who has a childlike innocence underneath and his pairing with Kim Ok Vin as Yeon Mi Ran is a match made in heaven. Every scene with our lead couple exudes amazing chemistry, and their heart-pounding romance alone makes the story worth watching.

Fans react to Netflix’s new K-drama, ‘unapologetically feminist and FUN’

Love To Hate You has taken over Twitter as fans react to the romantic comedy perfection.

Gushing about the beautiful chemistry between Kang Ho and Mi Ran, a fan shared:

Another added: “everything I want to see in a romantic comedy”.

A third enthusiast commented, “Unapologetically feminist and FUN, this drama was refreshingly mature while indulging in familiar favorite tropes. The chemistry between the leads was on fire and Miran is one female lead to die for. It has that timeless rom-com energy and I enjoyed it so much!

Watch Love To Hate You on Netflix here.

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