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Netflix’s 20th Century Girl Cast And Guest Roles Features Ong Seong Wu

October 22, 2022

Netflix released their latest Korean movie, 20th Century Girl. The cast features a number of special appearances, including those of Ong Seong Wu and Han Hyo Joo. Take a look at the full cast of 20th Century Girl here.

Directed by Bang Woo-ri, 20th Century Girl tells the story of 17-year-old Na Bo-ra (played by Kim Yoo-jung) and adult Bo-ra (Han Hyo Joo), who plays a matchmaker for her best friend. Yeon-doo.

20th Century Girl with Kim You-jung as Na Bo-ra, Noh Yoon-seo as Kim Yeon-doo20th Century Girl (L to R) Kim You-jung as Na Bo-ra, Noh Yoon-seo as Kim Yeon-doo in 20th Century Girl. cr. Seo Ji Hyung/Netflix © 2022

20th Century Girl Main Cast

The full cast of 20th Century Girl includes Kim Yoo Jung, Byeon Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, and Roh Yoon Se in the lead roles.

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung, the 23-year-old Korean actress who swept the award shows with her phenomenal acting in Lovers Of The Red Sky, plays teenager Na Bo-ra, who is about to explore her first love, his friendship and other anxieties. teenage problems.

Goodbye Woo Seok

South Korean actor and model Byeon Woo Seok plays Bo-ra broadcast club member Poong Un-h. Bo-ra approaches Poong to extract information about their friend Baek Hyun-jin for her best friend Yeon-du.

Park Jungwoo

26-year-old Korean actor Park Jung Woo has starred in hit series such as Netflix’s DP. In 20th Century Girl, he plays Baek Hyun-jin, Yeon-du’s unrequited love interest.

20th Century Girl starring Byeon Woo-seok as Poong Woon-ho, Park Jung-woo as Baek Hyun-jin20th Century Girl (L to R) Byeon Woo-seok as Poong Woon-ho, Park Jung-woo as Baek Hyun-jin in 20th Century Girl. cr. Seo Ji Hyung/Netflix © 2022

Roh Yoon Seo

22-year-old Our Blues actress Roh Yoon Seo plays Bo-ra’s best friend Yeon-du. She has an intense crush on Hyunjin but later has to leave for the US – you’ll have to watch to find out why!

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of 20th Century Girl includes Kim Sung-kyung as Na Bo-ra’s mother, Jeong Seok-yong as Na Bo-ra’s father, and Kang Chae-young.

Fans love 20th Century Girl’s appearances

The guest cast of 20th Century Girl is causing buzz on Twitter as fans gushed over some of South Korea’s most beloved star cameos.

Former Wanna One star Ong Seong Wu, Han Hyo Joo, Gong Myung, Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Beom-soo and more appear in guest roles.

When discussing Ong Seung Wu’s reappearance on Netflix, this fan raved about the series’ reunion count:

Another K-drama fan has come forward seeing stunning actresses Han Hyo Joo and Kim Yoo Jung together on K-screen again.

Another fan posted:

20th Century Girl was released on Netflix on October 21. Watch the movie here.

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