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Mythic Quest Season 3 ending explained – what’s GrimPop’s next big idea?

January 6, 2023

Mythic Quest season 3 ending explained – what’s GrimPop’s next big idea? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap Apple TV+ Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 10, “Buffalo Chicken Pizza,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

There’s been quite a bit of character development in season three of mythical quest. David (David Hornby) has gone from a cowardly yes to a much more assertive and confident producer, one in charge of an entire film franchise. Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) have had their own ups and downs, while the rest of the cast have gone through periods of change in their own respectable worlds. In the season finale, “Buffalo Chicken Pizza,” the show is about to undergo even bigger and more drastic changes. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the season finale.

Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

The season opened with a montage addressing the cast’s latest dilemmas, with dialogue merging across multiple scenes. The finale takes a similar approach. We see Poppy lying on the ground, surrounded by empty packaging. She’s desperately depressed, the company is out of money, and no one wants to buy her new game. This is definitely GrimPop’s lowest point yet. David is in an equally troubling situation. Big bosses pulled the plug on the Mythic Quest movie due to their dwindling fan base. At last, Brad learns that he has met the conditions of his parole and can work in the financial sector again. That should be good news, but for Brad, this huge transformation happened far too easily and therefore lost all meaning.

After realizing how catastrophically screwed up she is, Poppy ignores reality for a while and gets lost in her work, coding Playpen for weeks. Dana is concerned about Poppy’s mental well-being and brings in Ian for help. Although Ian is just as lost as his collaborator, he has no plan for moving forward, and in a complete change of character, he refuses to even pretend to have a plan. Dana is shocked by Ian’s glaring vulnerability.

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David is also depressed; his Hollywood career ended before it even really started. Jo has a clever ploy up its sleeve, however, which just might work. She resigns from Mythic Quest but tells David to dramatically fire her. The wizard hopes this will scare other employees into working harder, bringing in more long-term players. David is unsure of this tactic but agrees to its terms. Jo makes a scene, pretends to cry, while warning the other employees to do as they are told. It’s extremely efficient, the office workers all go back to work with enthusiasm.

The third character in the opening montage is Brad, the adorable thief. His new boss Rachel beams at his bonus check, but Brad just thinks, saying how he conquered work and life with apparent ease. The news of parole and Rachel’s general naivety wakes Brad from his daydreams. He realizes he needs a new challenge now. Dana comes to visit Rachel and admits that she needs a change in her life too. GrimPop is collapsing and she must take control of her own destiny before it’s too late.

These three discouraged employees find themselves in the elevator as they leave the premises. Jo and Brad quit of their own free will and Dana is about to do the same. In the elevator, they talk about a new chapter in their lives. Brad and Jo seem a bit overwhelmed by the script, but Dana feels empowered. His positivity rubs off on them and they all agree to work together, forming one new studio at a time. It’s an exciting plot point as these three worker bees decide to take a risk and go broke, forming a new alliance.

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Fearing losing control of the business; David gives a speech. He informs the workers that the Mythic Quest movie is dead and the numbers are going down, but he will fix it. The employees all applaud their aggressive boss. David asks for new ideas for a new expansion pack, presenting them with a sign-up sheet so workers can meet him in person and pitch their own ideas. What follows is a hilarious montage as the staff suggest new gaming narratives. They come up with all the cliches from the book, from personal journeys to video game ripoffs.

Ian reminisces about the good and bad times he had with Poppy, deciding to resolve this breakup once and for all. He offers Poppy a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, the take-out snack she requested several weeks ago. Ian apologizes, admitting he’s a terrible partner. His plans to fix things are very simple though – they don’t. He proposes that they leave things exactly as they were before because it worked and he thinks it will work again. Ian sees it and Poppy builds it, they shouldn’t change that process at all. However, Ian agrees to try to meet her halfway. As a symbol of this promise, Poppy asks Ian to eat the disgusting pizza he bought her. He does so and then gulps it down with an equally disgusting soft drink. It’s a surprisingly moving scene with a hilarious ending. Ian and Poppy are finally on the road to recovery.

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Mythic Quest Season 3 Ending Explained

Rachel rushes to GrimPop to tell Dana about David’s expansion plans. Rachel thinks her girlfriend would be the perfect creative director, but she has other ideas. Dana forms her own studio with Brad and Jo now. These two oddities pop up out of nowhere, startling Rachel. Brad becomes quite intimidating, threatening Rachel, stating that they will crush Mythic Quest. At its inception, a new rivalry is already forming between Dana Studios and the former Mythic Quest gang.

In the series finale scene, Poppy and Ian, who have since made amends, meet David. He is still sulking after the terrible throws he has just endured. Poppy and Ian make a final pitch. They combined their Playpen idea with the Mythic Quest game. Ian explains it perfectly: Playpen is an awesome, cutting-edge game with no community, while Mythic Quest is a dying game with a huge community. Players want new content, so let them create it themselves with the Playpen tool. This catches David’s attention, but the next line terrifies him. Poppy and Ian announce that they are returning to work at Mythic Quest on this new collaboration. David’s face is a picture as this ad sinks in.

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Mythic Quest season 3 ending explained – what’s GrimPop’s next big idea? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.