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My Policeman review – a tediously average LGBTQ+ melodrama

November 2, 2022

The review for My Policeman – a tediously average LGBTQ+ melodrama appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Prime Video movie My Policeman, which does not contain spoilers.

Whether Mand policeman were not such a tedious melodrama, Michel Grandageadaptation of Bethan Roberts’ bestseller could have been Harry Styles‘ release party as an actor. An artist who has been well received lately for 1917 and the recent don’t worry darling is stuck in the mud in this movie. This is telling, given that the script comes from philadelphia cream scribe Ron Nyswaner. Even though the sets and actors look nice to watch, there’s just no suspense in Grandange’s film, which drags on to the end. Strange, because a movie that follows the story of broken hearts, bruised minds, and crippled lives should only be powerfully moving, or at least more poignant to some extent.

This is 1950s England, and a dashing museum curator, Patrick Hazlewood (All the old knives David Dawson), meets a handsome man in uniform. This man is Tom Burgess (Harry Styles), a policeman on patrol. While at the same time, Tom is courting Marion (The crown’s Emma Corrin), because they are a couple that most envy. However, the romance between Tom and Patrick does not end there, even after Tom and Marion enter into marital bliss.

Like the source material, the story switches between the current 90s setting and this British love triangle. Now gray and gracefully aged, Marion (now played by ghost thread’s Gina McKee) discovers Patrick (My best friend’s wedding Rupert Everett) newspaper, after graciously bringing Patrick to live with them. He now uses a wheelchair and can no longer take care of himself. The catch is that Tom (Law and order Linus Roache) wants nothing more to do with him. Why? It’s not clear at first. However, after Marion discovers their old friend’s diary, she gains a better understanding of her husband’s past, and even of Patrick’s suffering.

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While McKee and Dawson give the film’s best performances, they’re also the most heartfelt. This may be more obvious because Styles’ Tom is so woody and unempathetic in his portrayal of a repressed homosexual. It’s nearly impossible to get past anything other than surface level insight or feelings.

You might think the script could go the other way then. He is a complete character who is so afraid of societal norms that he coldly rejects his lover. Tom even uses his wife as a beard to protect himself without caring about his true happiness. Instead, his behavior never pivots. This becomes even more apparent when Burgess’ regret of Roache spills out in the film’s most emotional scene.

Apparently, Robert’s novel of the same name affected Grandage a lot, but his film version is too shy, meandering, and even boring. When you consider great LGBTQ+ rights movies like call me by your name or those with compelling subplots like The imitation game; recent streaming series like A league apart or HBO Max Nuclear familymy policeman missed a chance to put a stamp on a film that could depict genuine repression and palpable regret.

And there is the real problem with my policeman. The viewer’s desire for a better movie trumps the characters’ desire for a better life.

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The review for My Policeman – a tediously average LGBTQ+ melodrama appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.