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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Soundtrack: Every Song From Netflix’s Horror Movie

October 5, 2022

As October rolls around each year, streaming services and TV channels begin to fill up with scary movies and series such as Netflix newcomer Mr Harrigan’s Phone.

Based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name, the film serves as a chilling coming-of-age story for Jaeden Martell’s Craig and, as a result, it features a lot of music.

But which songs feature on the Mr Harrigan’s Phone soundtrack and who composed the film’s ominous music?


Mr. Harrigan’s Phone I Official Trailer

BridTV11299M. Harrigan’s Phone I Official Trailer

Mr Harrigan’s Phone: release date and plot preview

Mr Harrigan’s Phone landed on Netflix on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

The film tells the story of Craig, a teenager who befriends reclusive billionaire Mr. Harrigan as the pair form an unlikely bond over their shared love of books and reading.

However, tragedy strikes when Mr. Harrigan dies, but things take a disconcerting turn when Craig discovers he is able to communicate with the dead from beyond the grave through the phone he gave Mr. Harrigan before his death. dead.

Jaeden Martell as Craig and Donald Sutherland as Mr. Harrigan in Mr. Harrigan's PhoneMr. Harrigan’s phone © Netflix | Nicole Rivelli

Mr Harrigan’s Telephone Soundtrack

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone features many songs throughout its soundtrack that help underscore Craig’s coming-of-age journey as well as the strange situation the teenager finds himself in when he learns that he can communicate with the dead.

  • Blessed Assurance by Fanny Crosby and Mrs. JF Knapp
  • Veni Vidi Vici by Black Lips
  • Atlas by Battles
  • 2080 by Yeasayer
  • Stand close to your man by Tammy Wynette
  • Pass me not, oh sweet Savior by Fanny Crosby and William H. Doane
  • Sailing to Byzantium by liars
  • SPARKLING by Daniel Louis and Louie Schultz
  • heal me by Radiate
  • Untitled #4 (Njósnavélin) by Sigur Ros
  • dreams of apocalypse by Tame Impala
  • white lightning by George Jones
  • Light up my booty by Soulja Boy
  • be my vision Traditional
  • I’m your boogie man by KC & The Sunshine Band
Jaeden Martell as Craig and Donald Sutherland as Mr. Harrigan in Mr. Harrigan's PhoneMr. Harrigan’s phone © Netflix | Nicole Rivelli

Who composed the score?

In addition to a wealth of licensed music, Mr Harrigan’s Phone also features an original score which is the work of composer Javier Navarrete.

The Spanish-born composer has been creating music for films and TV shows since the 1980s with notable credits including recent horror films Antlers, Greta and Byzantium, action-adventure films Wrath of the Titans and Inkheart as well as HBO’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Hemingway & Gellhorn for which he earned an Oscar and Emmy Award nomination, respectively.

Jaeden Martell as Craig in Mr. Harrigan's PhoneMr. Harrigan’s phone © Netflix | Nicole Rivelli

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is available to stream now on Netflix after its release on October 5, 2022.

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