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Money Heist Season 5 Recap, Episode 7 – “Wishful Thinking”

December 3, 2021

This recap of Netflix’s Money Heist Season 5, Episode 7, “Wishful Thinking” contains spoilers.

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Well, if you thought Episode 6 was thrilling, Episode 7 manages to find some other gear, mostly centered around The Professor and Sierra as they navigate their complex, ying-yang relationship.

Money heist summary of season 5, episode 7

Episode 7 begins with Tamayo’s assault unit still trying to find Sierra and the Professor. Tamayo orders his men to check every exit and every apartment. The teacher and Sierra have a woman hostage in an apartment while the baby cries (that’s a huge problem). The professor and Sierra create an emergency exit on the side of the building. Using disguises, they manage to bypass many police units, but they have to go into hiding again as more forces arrive. Meanwhile, Marseille returns to hiding and thinks the professor has been kidnapped by Sierra again.

Ironically, Sierra and the Professor make a formidable team as they continue to find ways to escape the police and go into hiding. They’re basically part of a siege, with the military involved. With the authorities shrinking, the professor and Sierra must hide within the confines of a couch. But then the baby cries, so Sierra pulls out a pacifier to feed her newborn baby girl. Authorities believe it was a crying cat. It was incredibly tense.

We see another Berlin flashback as he and the teacher dance and drink wine. Berlin talks about turning all the gold into rice and then using the pump. He explains how he went to Norway to get one. The professor is skeptical, believing that the whole plan has too many margins of error. The two argue about it, but the professor calls the plans “wishful thinking.” Berlin asks Palmero to explain the procedures and how they will use the storm water tank and drainage system for the gold.

Today Lisbon tells the team that the professor is missing and wonders what they should do with the gold. Palmero says they need to get the gold back because the police don’t know about the tank. Lisbon knows that only two people know about their plan with the gold – Sierra and The Professor, and neither of them will talk about it. The heist team sets in motion plans to pump the gold through the drainage system.

And it works ! Benjamin confirms that the gold arrives in the drainage system on their side (at the level of the hideout) after a few moments of doubt about the calculations. Palmero prayed for it to work, remembering his time with Berlin. There are parties all around. Half the heist is over; Benjamin and his men transform the grains of gold back into bricks.

With The Professor and Sierra out of danger (for now), there is silence between them for the first time since the beginning of volume two. The professor makes sure Sierra eats, and she states that the last time someone took care of her was her husband, and she couldn’t shed a tear at his funeral. She admits that she believed that if she pursued the professor and the heist team quickly enough, it would stop the sadness. She wants to pretend they’re friends because she thinks this might be the last normal thing they’ll have. The professor tells how he lost two very important people – he promises that he will not let her down. She promises not to stop him.

Is this the moment when Sierra joins the professor and his team? Sierra snuggled into the professor’s arms. Two enemies, now friends. What a turnaround.

While the surgeries are being performed, one of Sagasta’s team members pushes her way through the vents, but she is also bleeding, so she does her secret mission while in pain.

The end

At the end of Episode 7, we witness one of the most creative and craziest escapes in the history of Money heist.

Sierra wakes up in the middle of the night to see that the professor has found an old phone. He calls Benjamin and tells him that they are running out of time and to call the Serbs. A garbage truck arrives at the hideout and the team modifies it with tools. The professor and Sierra are hiding in the trash cans outside the apartment, and the trash truck picks them up. They managed to escape under the eyes of the authorities.

The professor returns to his hiding place, and he can’t believe what he can see – gold, a lot. Even Sierra smiles, which turns into a laugh. It’s an emotional moment. This breakage is something else.

Additional points

  • Manila opens up to Stockholm and confesses that she has been obsessed with Denver for years, so she kisses him. Stockholm seems upset by the news and leaves. Meanwhile, Denver is filled with guilt for kissing Manila – Bogota tells him to relax.

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