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Money Heist: Korea’s Ending Explained For Netflix’s Excellent New Adaptation

June 30, 2022

After a brutal and fantastic climax, what really happened at the end of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1 part 1?

It has to be said that there has been some amazing TV content over the past few months between Kenobi, The Boys, Stranger Things, and of course, Money Heist: Korea.

The South Korean adaptation of the iconic Spanish series debuted last week on the Netflix streaming platform to fabulous global reception.

Joint Economic Area currently scores 8.4/10 on MyDramaList, 84% on AsianWiki and according to Variety, even landing as the most-watched non-English show of the past week.

However, with so many twists and turns, some fans may need the Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1 part 1 ending explained.

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Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space | Trailer | netflix

BridTV10113Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space | Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: The end of Korea explained

After Woo-jin enters the Mint to broadcast a live stream of the hostages, Berlin reveals that Park Chulwoo is in fact alive and well, having shot him in his body armor rather than in his head as police assumed. .

Word spreads quickly among the families of the hostages, who then begin to turn against the police for daring such a potentially catastrophic breach of the Mint that would endanger everyone inside.

As the team celebrate their victory, Moscow arrives with even better news – they have broken through the rock and have now made landfall, meaning they will only have three days left before escaping through the tunnel. secret.

Denver uses the moment to change Mi-sun’s bandages and surprise surprise, the two end up having sex in the vault; Stockholm syndrome has struck again.

Woo-ji invites the professor over for a drink, but when he arrives, it’s clear she started without him. In a moment of clarity, the narrator reveals that the professor has fallen in love with her.

However, there is one final twist to the story, as the professor enters his cafe/secret hideout… the ever-suspicious Moo-hyeok comes up behind him to talk to him or more likely, interrogate him.

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A Quick Review of Money Heist: Korea

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is a fantastic series that almost anyone can enjoy, with the twists and turns the franchise is known for having a fabulous Korean twist that just works.

Admittedly, fans of the original Money Heist series might not find the new adaptation interesting – it’s still the same basic storyline from the original show after all. Add to that the fact that there are 48 episodes of the Spanish series compared to just six of the Korean adaptation, Joint Economic Area may feel like a rehash rather than a reimagining.

That being said, if you haven’t seen the entire five-season run of Money Heist or are an avid fan of K-dramas in general, Joint Economic Area is definitely a must-watch. The characters and plot revelations are where the Money Heist: Korea shines the most, which is to say, you only need a few episodes to really care about Denver, the Professor, Tokyo, and yes, even from Berlin.

It’s the real staple of a good show and alongside the extremely suave way character development progresses from episode to episode, Money Heist: Korea has the potential to become one of the best K-dramas on Netflix.

The build-up in tension is also exceptional in Money Heist: Korea. With the stakes extremely high for thieves, hostages and the police, it can sometimes seem impossible to predict what will happen next. Likewise, for whom do we support?

For one thing, the thieves are committing one of the greatest crimes in history and have taken school children hostage at gunpoint. On the other hand, they have always put their safety first and the only group to have harmed the hostages so far (aside from Denver shooting Mu-sun in the leg) are the police.

We can’t wait to see where Money Heist: Korea goes from here and what new twists our favorite new bank robbers have up their sleeves; hopefully more content should be released before the end of the year, see below.

  • RETURN: Will Money Heist: Korea part 2 be released on Netflix in 2022?

Thankfully there are more episodes to come.

Originally, Money Heist: Korea was supposed to include 12 individual episodes, which is why many fans were disappointed when only six episodes were released on Netflix.

The good news is that Newsweek has reported that an insider source at Netflix has confirmed that Part 2 (the remaining six episodes) will air in Q4 2022 (October – December).

While a specific launch window has yet to be officially revealed by the showrunners or Netflix, fans can expect the first season to wrap before the end of the year.

You can find more information here.

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