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Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 6 recap – ending explained

June 24, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 6 – the ending of part 1 explained – contains spoilers.

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As usual, Money Heist leaves us at a crossroads full of twists and anticipation. That’s the end of Part 1, but there’s a lot more to come in Part 2 that we’ll have to be patient for.

Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space recap of season 1, episode 6 – the ending explained for part 1

Episode 6 opens with a flashback where the professor was a real professor – he was an expert on the model of reunification of North Korea and South Korea. He claims it would create peace and it would be a dream. His ideas became reality. He meets Oh Jaeyun in the Boundary Zone. Oh Jaeyun wants the professor to create an economic reunification plan with North Korea eager to open.

In the present day, the professor is on a high-speed chase, driving away from Seon Woojin and the police in a car strongly suspected of being part of the heist squad. He ends up driving off the road in desperation, setting the vehicle on fire while leaving it in a river. Seon Woonjin is stunned that they managed to get away, and is told that the person in the driving car was probably the teacher.

In the bank, the plainclothes policeman points his gun at Tokyo. Denver warns her that she is about to fall into a trap. The policeman is shot, but he manages to radio Cha Moohyuk to say that the professor is not inside the Mint. Berlin then shoots the officer several times and tells Tokyo that the team needs him. The media begins to report the gunshots heard. The politicians start calling the heist team terrorists.

Seon Woojin is furious at Cha Moohyuk having a secret mission at the Mint and blames him for an agent’s death. Cha Moohyuk reveals that they thought she was a spy. Back to business, Seon Woojin wonders why the heist team covered up the agent’s death. She wants to take advantage of this moment to get the upper hand on the professor, knowing that he is not inside. She wants to enter the Mint herself. She wants the public on the police side, not the heist team. A wet and exhausted professor listens to all this and seems worried.

Tokyo admits that the situation happened because of her and she thinks that Berlin should regain control. She recognizes that she would have died without him. However, Berlin doesn’t care if he’s in charge; he just wants them to pull off this heist.

Seon Woojin calls the teacher and asks about the gunshots. She tells him that it’s chaos outside the Mint. The teacher claims they got bored and practiced shooting. Seon Woojin wants to go inside the Mint and check all the hostages to see if they are safe. If he does not accept, she will not provide the promised food. The professor feels he has no choice, but Seon Woojin also wants a live video feed when he walks in that can be shown to the media for the public’s benefit. The heist team knows they’re in a corner, but the professor wants to show the world that the hostages are okay. He tells them to prepare for the hostage check.

With the hostage check coming up, Berlin reveals his identity to the other hostages and how he is likely to be caught first because he is a well-known fugitive. But he insists they will all be treated humanely. Cho Youngmin plots again and thinks they should send a note to the police about the dead policeman. He thinks Anne Kim should do it because they won’t hurt her because she’s the ambassador’s daughter. And so, a note went to Anne Kim as part of the plan.

And then a huge moment happens; Seon Woojin enters the bank. Berlin reveals his face to the media and introduces himself to the negotiator, causing excitement and a strong commotion outside as it is televised on the big screen; The professor is also in the crowd outside. Seon Woojin wants to check every hostage.

Seon Woojin interviews Cho Youngmin first, and she apologizes for the gunshot wound. He makes an emotional appeal to his family. When Anne Kim is interviewed, she considers passing on the note. She’s crying, and her parents are watching it live, and they’re upset. Seon Woojin comforts her, and as Anne Kim is about to pass the note, Tokyo seizes the moment, grabs her wrist, and escorts her. Anne Kim says she thought of this idea herself.

Seon Woojin turns off the cameras and asks Berlin to bring all the hostages back to the front to buy time. She confirms that all the hostages are safe, but she states that a “security guard” is missing – she’s really talking about the Agent Park cop who shot Berlin. She asks the hostages where Agent Park is. Anne Kim and Cho Youngmin try to tell him that he was killed, but the heist team silences them. Berlin gets angry and tells Seon Woojin that they acted in self-defense with the agent.

And so, Seon Woojin argues over the next steps, and it turns hostile; Seon Woojin thinks the public is now on the side of the police due to the police officer’s alleged death. But then, Berlin brings another hostage; it’s Agent Park. He is not dead. The man was wearing a bulletproof vest. Berlin knew it when he shot him in the chest. It was the Professor’s ace up his sleeve. And then the professor sends a video of Agent Park planning an attack through the Mint. Berlin asks Seon Woojin what would have happened if Agent Park had reached the hostages and brings up the danger they were in. Berlin then tells the audience that they won’t let anyone die.

Seon Woojin walks out of the Mint, dazed and confused. She was foiled again.

The heist team celebrates their victory over the police. And then, more good news; Moscow confirms that it has finished digging the escape route. Nairobi also confirms that they almost printed all the money. There is a lot of hope in the team.

During the night, Denver checks that Youn Misun changes his bandage. She wonders why he checks so late at night. Denver apologizes to her and tells Misun to date a decent man moving forward. Misun then explains that she is going to leave the Mint, then she kisses Denver. He passionately kisses her back, which leads to steamy sex in the vault. It doesn’t sound like a “physical-only occasion.” There is a lot of emotion between the two. It’s love.

Seon Woojin returns to the tent and learns that they won’t replace her as there is no one to replace her. She tells them that she will quit unless Cha Moohyuk leaves the task force. She then talks to Cha Moohyuk and he tells her not to go. He then directs his suspicions towards The Professor as he once entered the tent when he came to tell him that his mother had called him. She is stunned by his accusations. The professor hears all this, and he looks worried.

And then, Seon Woojin meets the teacher for a drink. She is already drunk and immediately flirts with him. The teacher decides to get drunk with her. Seon Woojin forgets about reality for a while and enjoys the professor’s company.

On the way home, the teacher asks Seon Woojin if she can drop the case; he tells her that he can see that she is exhausted. Seon Woojin hugs him and appreciates how much he cares. The professor is surprised that he even said that because he needs her on the task force team as part of his plan. The professor realizes at this moment that he is in love with her. Oh dear!

The end

The end of part 1 will leave the audience wanting more as it ends with a few twists.

Seon Woojin finds the corner of a banknote given to him by Anne Kim in his pocket; it will be important to the business. Suddenly, Seon Woojin has a light bulb moment and leaves the teacher for the night.

When the teacher returns, Cha Moohyuk is waiting for him. Oh shit!

The end of part 1 drops many story bombs; there’s a lot more story to come and hopefully more twists along the way.

Additional noteworthy plot points

  • Cho Youngmin again accuses Youn Misun of sleeping with Denver and threatens him. Denver steps in, twists her wrist and tells her to leave her alone. He insists nothing happened in the storage room.
  • Berlin injects drugs.

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