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Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 1 recap – “My Unlikely Pandemic Dream Partner”

July 9, 2022

This review for Amazon Original Series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 1, “My Unlikely Pandemic Dream Partner,” contains spoilers.

At the height of the covid-19 pandemic, we had a lot of choices to make. But, with the lockdowns and restrictions, we’ve been forced to hang out with some people more than usual. Modern Love Hyderabad Episode 1 explores an unlikely partnership between a mother and daughter in a heartwarming and empowering tale.

Modern Love Hyderabad summary of season 1, episode 1

Episode 1 opens with Noori having surgery for her knee. As she falls asleep, she recalls her fractured relationship with her mother, Mehrunissa. In the next scene, Noori’s mother visits her at home during her post-operative recovery. It’s been a long time since they’ve connected as her mother looks at her pictures. Time has been lost. Noori suggests they keep their distance, but you can sense the lost love between mother and daughter.

While eating together, the Prime Minister announces a lockdown in India due to the virus. There is uncertainty as to when the lockdown will be lifted. Mehrunissa is stuck with her daughter Noori and they are both mortified.

Mehrunissa decides to be proactive and goes shopping. She cooks for both of them, and Noori loves the smell; He missed his mother’s cooking. While eating the food, she gets emotional and cries. It’s nostalgic, reminding Noori of her childhood.

Slowly but surely mother and daughter bond, as Mehrunissa tends to Noori and her knee. On day 4, they are smiling at each other.

As the days pass, Noori grows angry with her mother for sneaking out to get food due to the risks of the virus. Mother and daughter argue intensely, discussing who Noori married and the complexities that her husband comes from a different community. Noori’s deceased father is discussed and Mehrunissa tells her daughter that he died of a broken heart. After an inevitable argument with their upcoming wounds, much healing is needed between mother and daughter. Noori checks an old piece of clothing that reminds her of her father and she sobs.

At dinner time, tensions ease and they treat each other to peace. Later, in the middle of the night, Mehrunissa can’t sleep and she wants to sleep next to her daughter – Noori allows her to sleep next to her. Mehrunissa talks about her deceased husband and the pain his death caused. Noori sympathizes with her.

The end

The confinement is prolonged, and mother and daughter feel closer with each passing day. They arrive at day 41.

In the middle of the night, Mehrunissa feels mischievous and wants to sneak out of the house, so she takes her daughter with her, despite her resistance. The couple weave through the streets and laugh together. Mehrunissa takes her daughter to a place she visited with her father after their marriage. They sit and eat together in the silent and empty city. Their wounds are now healed.

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