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Mars One ending explained – why is Deivinho missing his football tries?

January 6, 2023

Mars One post ending explained – why is Deivinho failing his football trials? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing the Netflix March One movie ending which will contain major spoilers and plot points.

by Gabriel Martins touching drama march one shows the unique challenges each member of a united family faces following Brazil’s 2018 presidential election, when a far-right candidate won the seat. Deivinho (Cicero Lucas) is an intelligent child who dreams of becoming an astrophysicist while his father, Wellington (Carlos Francisco) wants him to become a footballer. The patriarch is a caretaker in a luxury building and one of the residents is Juan Pablo Sorin (appearing as himself), a famous Brazilian footballer who could help the boy in his career. His mother, Tercia (Rejane Faria) begins to suffer from insomnia and anxiety after being caught up in a terrible TV prank where they pretend to blow up a restaurant. The boy’s sister, Eunice (Camilla Damiao) loves her family, but finds it hard to talk to her parents about her sexuality and that she wants to move in with her girlfriend, Joanna (Ana Hilario).

The end of Mars One explained

In the third act, it looks like Wellington’s dream of seeing his son become a professional football player could come true after Juan Pablo Sorin kept his word and got Deivinho to attend a trial. Unfortunately, the date of the tryout coincides with the date that Eunice and Joanna were going to take the boy to a science fair. A disappointed Deivinho gets injured on purpose while cycling on a steep slope.

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Convinced that she is somehow cursed by bad luck, Tércia decides to take a weekend off so as not to hinder her family’s chances of success. As she buys the cheapest bus ticket to “anywhere”, she sees the man from the TV show trying to pull another stupid prank in the bus terminal. The woman decides to confront him and in a fit of cathartic rage breaks one of the expensive cameras. Before she could go back to buy the coach ticket, she was called back to the house where Eunice and her girlfriend were already caring for an injured Deivinho.

For poor Wellington, things are going very badly, very quickly. After making the mistake of giving his colleague the key to their boss’s apartment while she was on vacation, he learns that his colleague has robbed the place. The building manager holds Wellington responsible for the theft and fires him. When he arrives home and sees that his son’s injury will prevent him from attending the tryouts, the man has a nervous breakdown and falls off the wagon for the first time in four years.

The next day, Wellington is hungover and feels horrible for breaking his sobriety. However, his wife learns from the news that the bus she was supposed to take the day before had a horrific accident with no survivors. Seeing the TV prankster in the station before buying a ticket and embarking on what would have been certain death was pure luck.

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In the evening, Tércia attends an AA meeting with her husband who breaks down when he sees Eunice also at the meeting to show her support. Father and daughter have a heart to heart when she finally tells him that Joanna is not just a roommate, but his girlfriend, which he seems to accept. Ending on a hopeful note, the film shows the family having a good time together after all seeing Mars on the telescope that Deivinho had built from scratch. They don’t know what the future holds, or if the young boy will ever realize his dream of traveling to another planet, but they do know each other. And sometimes that’s enough.

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Mars One post ending explained – why is Deivinho failing his football trials? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.