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Manifest season 4 – what happened to the passengers of Flight 828?

November 4, 2022

After Manifest season 4 – what happened to the passengers of flight 828? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

What really happened to the passengers on Flight 828 – now that the final season is out, we explore that question.

Part 1 of Manifest season 4 just landed on netflix in its entirety for your viewing pleasure. This season of the mystery box drama delves deeper into the mystery of Flight 828 and the difficulties faced by the passengers. Set two years after Grace’s brutal murder, Season 4 feels darker than previous episodes as the date of death is closer and the stakes for the passengers are higher than ever.

Manifest Season 4 – what happened to the passengers of Flight 828?

In episode 1 of Manifest season 4we catch up with our main characters. Well stepped down from the role of Rescue boat captain and spends his days looking for his kidnapped daughter, Eden. Mike and Zeke moved in with Ben, olive, and a now older Cal, who hides his identity to avoid becoming a government experiment. After the plane disappeared at the end of Season 3, Eureka was arrested, which forced Saanvi and Vance to continue their research into the 828 off-grid phenomena.

A passenger who was believed to have been executed in Singapore, Henry Kim, escaped from a research facility where he was being held and traveled to New York. The man had the 828 black box with him and was adamant that he was supposed to give it to Cal. Before being apprehended by the authorities, Henry tells Cal that he is now the Dragon, which bizarrely leads to a dragon-shaped scar appearing on Cal’s arm.

Saving Eden is the main focus of the series in the first five episodes. Although presumed dead, it is revealed that Angelina raised the youngest member of the Stone family as her own and went into hiding with the help of various passengers, including Anna Ross, the woman who had previously helped to save Cal’s life. Eventually Angelina ends up hiding in a passenger commune run by Adrian, the former leader of the 828 cult. However, Adrian makes the mistake of confessing that he is harboring Angelina to Eagan, who is now in jail for having held Vance’s son at gunpoint last season. Eagan uses this knowledge to make a deal and secure his release.

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Ben tries to rescue his daughter on his own from Adrian’s compound but ends up tied up in the basement. Fortunately, the Callings lead Michaela and the rest of the team to her and Eden’s location and they manage to save her. Angelina, having blown up the house, is on the run again and hides at her mother’s house.

Ben and Cal’s relationship is strained this season. In Season 3, Cal allowed Angelina back into the house after Grace kicked her out and gave her a key, which allowed him to enter the house, kidnap Eden, and stab Grace to death. . Olive blames him outright at first, but by the start of Season 4, she seems to have forgiven her twin. Ben, on the other hand, can barely look at his son. This all changes after Eden’s rescues, however, and especially in the final three episodes when he learns that Cal’s cancer has returned.

This season, we learn that calls alone aren’t enough to save the lifeboat. A constant call that everyone is still getting ash and an erupting volcano seems to suggest that there is something more apocalyptic at play here and that what happened to the plane was no accident. We discover that the passengers were inside Divine Consciousness while the plane disappeared and the Calls are memories of information they had access to inside the bright light.

It is revealed that the Major managed to connect the detained passengers, now catatonic, to Divine Consciousness during his experiments using sapphire. However, she was unable to get her hands on the Omega Sapphire, an ancient gem of unlimited power. Conveniently, the last Omega Sapphire turned out to be hidden in plain sight, right in the boiler room where the Stones hid the first season stowaway. Less conveniently, Eagan helped Mick and Saanvi discover the gem, before fleeing with it.

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Another main plot point in the second half of the series is the serial killer who begins to target the 828-ers. The first victim is a man named Sam, who was also extorted by the police captain, the second victim is Anna Ross, and the third is a passenger Cal went on a date with. After the killer kidnaps Adrian, it is revealed that Angelina’s parents murdered all of the passengers who helped their daughter while she was on the run. Their end goal was to assassinate Eden in order to prove to Angelina that the toddler isn’t really an angel. Fortunately, Zeke and Olive were home when Angelina’s father attacked him and managed to stop him.

Speaking of Zeke, he spends many episodes struggling to cope with his powers. After sensing a passenger’s rage at Adrian’s enclosure and shooting him to protect Michaela, he has a drinking relapse but returns straight to the train car.

Jared, Michaela’s other love, spends most of the season in uniform after being demoted after having a fight with a fellow officer. On the bright side, he and Drea (Mick’s former NYPD partner) are now in a friends-with-benefits type relationship, but there are hints of stronger feelings developing between them. Eventually, he earns his detective badge and returns to work for the Registry.

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Passenger of the 828 and lover of Olive, TJ returns this season from his trip to Egypt.

End of season 4 of Manifest

Near the end of the season, it is revealed that the date of death is the apocalypse. If the 828 passengers don’t save the Lifeboat, then everyone dies with them.

Angelina steals it Omega Sapphire of Eagan and begins to wreak havoc, literally and figuratively. His misuse of the gem creates real cracks in the Earth. She also summons a fake call in the form of Grace to get Ben to return Eden to her. Eventually, a dying Cal defeats her and shatters the Omega Sapphire. But of course, Angelina retrieves a small piece of the gem that becomes embedded in her hand. Following Angelina’s misuse of the Omega Sapphire, the 828 passengers are detained by the government.

As Cal dies of his cancer, Olive and TJ realize that he is the only person capable of saving the lifeboat. Zeke, who has struggled with his abilities all season, makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes Cal’s cancer, heals him, and dies in his place.

The first part of the season (Manifest season 4, episode 10) ends on a cliffhanger. Angelina is more dangerous than ever and her actions literally crack the Earth. Mick mourns Zeke, while Ben is grateful to see Cal healed, but it’s only a matter of time before they too are detained by the Registration. Stopping the apocalypse can be a bit difficult from a prison cell. Saanvi and Vance are also arrested at the end of the season during a SWAT raid.

And so, that’s our deep dive into what happened to the passengers of Flight 828. What are your thoughts? Comments below.

After Manifest season 4 – what happened to the passengers of flight 828? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.