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Manifest season 4, episode 6 recap – what is Divine Consciousness?

November 5, 2022

Post Manifest season 4, episode 6 recap – what is Divine Consciousness? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix Manifest season 4, episode 6 series, “Relative Bearing,” which contains spoilers and ending details.

“Relative Recovery” reveals more about the divine consciousness and even touches on the possibility for passengers to communicate with him. Well struggles to connect with her youngest daughter as a killer begins targeting the 828-ers.

Manifest season 4, episode 6 recap

The episode begins with Ben and Mike give the most ridiculously incredible explanation to the press and the police, respectively, of how they found Eden.

Back to Adrian’s compound, police are currently investigating the blast. Still, they don’t have many leads on what might have caused it. All the 828-ers stick to the same story, and there is little evidence linking the Stone family to it. Whereas Jared is conveniently tasked with handing over the bullets from the gun that Zeke used to kill Erika, he refuses to make those bullets disappear, much to Vance’s frustration. Although he knows those bullets are coming from his gun, Jared doesn’t want to break his moral code. Of course, as soon as he hands over the bullets, Police Captain Ted takes off his gun and badge.

At home, Cal and Olive enjoy a sweet moment with their little sister, before he receives a disturbing call revealing that calls alone are not enough to save the lifeboat. Olive and Cal think there must be another way to communicate with the divine consciousness since Eden receives calls without having been on the plane.

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Michaela receives a call from an aquarium full of blood and asks Ben for help, as he is now back on the lifeboat. The Calling leads Mick to a passenger named Sam who owns an aquarium, but upon arriving at this house, she finds him dead in his apartment. After finding the body, Michaela calls Jared, who recognizes the dead man as someone he tried to protect from a fellow officer two years prior. During the confrontation, Jared punched the officer who was harassing Sam, which is why he is now in uniform.

Jared and Mick decide to try to solve the murder with Drea’s help, which leads them to learn that the police captain extorted money from the dead man. Drea sneaks into Ted’s office and finds evidence, but the dirty cop follows her to the roof where a confrontation ensues. The captain offers Jared his job and his detective shield if he walks away, but Jared refuses. Eventually, they overpower him and he is arrested. Luckily, Vance alters the ballistics report, so Jared gets his job back.

At home, Olive leaves TJ a voicemail telling him about the research she is doing. She finds several mythological texts detailing how whenever humans have been in contact with the divine, they have used sapphire. This means there might still be a way to save the lifeboat.

Ben struggles to connect with his daughter, as Eden continues to call her the “bad mom” while saying that she wants her “mommy”. To make matters worse, Angelina, who is now hiding out with her mother, keeps calling the house asking to speak to the toddler. Eventually, Ben asks Anna Ross to spend time with Eden, thinking that allowing the child to have a familiar face would help him settle into the house.

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Manifest season 4, episode 6 ending

As we come to the end of Manifest season 4, episode 6, Cal makes a terrible decision and allows Angelina to talk to Eden on the phone. He thinks it’s the only way for Eden to accept that Ben isn’t a bad person. When Ben finds out, he is beyond angry. Father and son exchange harsh words and Cal decides to run away.

In a phone conversation, Jared tells Michaela that he thinks Ted was only guilty of extorting Sam, not murder. We then cut to Anna Ross’ house, where someone broke in and stabbed her to death. There’s always a killer on the loose. And they target 828-ers.

Zeke struggled with guilt over killing Erika throughout the episode. In the end, he falls off the wagon. While walking around with a bottle of booze, he comes across Cal who has collapsed in the road. It seems that Cal’s health is deteriorating, cutting short his runaway attempt.

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Post Manifest season 4, episode 6 recap – what is Divine Consciousness? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.