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Maggie Season 1, Episode 11 Recap – “You Will Suffer Loss”

July 6, 2022

This recap of Hulu’s Maggie season 1, episode 11, “You Shall Suffer Loss,” contains spoilers.

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maggie summary of season 1, episode 11

This episode of maggie heads to Amy’s wedding. Of course, the inevitable secret will come out between Jessie and Maggie. Oh, and we find out exactly why Dave is such a great guy.

Maggie is apprehensive about going to Amy’s bachelorette party weekend. Instead of staying with her best friend Louise, she was placed with Ben’s girlfriend, Jessie, for some reason. We first think it happened because Amy wanted to live with Louise, who she forced her friendship with. However, Maggie finds out that she was put with Jessie because she asked for it. Why? Because Amy’s friend Mindy is always frustratingly stealing Jessie’s thunder or just, like, her seat at a table. Anything that pushes her into crows. One would wonder why she wouldn’t bedroom with Amy, date her brother and all, but it creates real suspense and conflict in the episode.

When they go out to dance at a club, the group discovers that no other of Amy’s friends are coming. She says most have previous commitments like jobs, children or family. We guess she pushed most of her friends away with her cocky personality. As she pathetically says later, a friend’s three best daughters could have included his brother’s girlfriend, his brother’s neighbor, and that person’s childhood friend. The girls find this surprising, even Louise calling her a loser behind her back as she forces Maggie onto the dance floor. She doesn’t want to go because she’s been flooded with visions lately. This does not help matters since each time she touches someone, another rushes. The experience became overwhelming for her. Maggie appears to pass out, then loses her sight.

Remember when Amy was mad and said, “Shit, Dave!” when Maggie reported that he had a vision that he wanted a regular sized cake for the wedding? Well, he deserves one because we find out Amy’s fiancé is a great guy. When Ben wants to take her for her bachelor party, he starts naming the things he wants to do. Like, seeing a projection of downtown Moulin Rouge. Ben evokes how about something more “single”? Dave replies, “Jersey Boys?” Ben notices those things that Amy would like to do, and he likes to make her happy, so he likes to do those things for her.

This is where I would recommend trying to distract any woman from watching maggie because Dave’s character is about to ruin your life in the third degree. Ben suggests they go to an anger room to take out some aggression. They do, but Ben finds that Dave has been anxious and scared the whole time. Where do they end? While watching a documentary about seahorse mating, he even tells Ben that he thinks the man should carry the baby for the woman.

Shit, Dave.

The end

Meanwhile, Maggie calls Angel about his troubles without seeing his psychic abilities. He tells her it can happen, and often they can get them back. So not the concrete words she wanted. He gives her a name, Marcus May, who coincidentally lives near the hotel. Maggie doesn’t want to tell Amy because it would distract from her weekend, but Louise spills the fuse and the four go to Mr. May’s. When they arrive, he’s never picked them up, but he wonders why Maggie wants them around? Her life has been remarkably liberating since the change of life and the loss of her ideas.

The girls wait for Maggie while they discuss the cowardly lion who had nothing in his nether regions. (Which was never a problem for Louise before when she drooled over Mufasa in a previous episode). Maggie comes out excited about the new possibilities. She ends up drinking too much that night and partying too much. She wakes up with a hangover and still can’t regain her powers.

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