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Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street Review – The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff

January 2, 2023

The post Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street Review – The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Netflix true crime documentary series Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, which will be released on January 4, 2023.

Who doesn’t love a slick criminal? Con artists usually have a suave charm that makes them hard to hate and easy to admire. These masters of manipulation must be smart, cunning and extremely brave to pull off the scams they commit. They must also be heartless; being able to hurt and rip off innocent people for personal gain. However, there is something very entertaining about watching a master at work and why he scams people. Here, it’s always one of the biggest questions: why did he do that? From the prolific filmmaker Joe Berliner (Conversations with a Killer, Crime sceneand His brother’s keeper), audiences can now indulge in the fascinating docuseries Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street.

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street review and plot summary

Over four one-hour episodes, audiences are taken on a journey through the unique history of Bernie Madoff, a Wall Street financier who created a $64 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, one of the greatest and most dramatic in all of United States history. In this documentary series, we delve into Madoff’s career and fortune, and how his plan shattered the lives of countless individual investors who trusted the Wall Street statesman. There is one thing about lost investments, but here people have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their dignity.

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This docuseries offers audiences unique interviews with whistleblowers, employees, investigators, Madoff victims and never-before-seen video depositions from Madoff himself, all of which give detailed and honest accounts of what happened. ‘happened. It is interesting to see the development of Wall Street and its dramatic changes over the years, the introduction of computers and how the demand grew for more and more stocks and shares. Buying and selling stocks is something we all want to get involved in, because of the big profits we see that can come from it, but in the background there’s so much more going on, and that’s definitely a unique world that Madoff was able to control, manipulate and play to his advantage.

Madoff is described as the “God of Finance”, a “Financial Sociopath” and my favorite, the “Financial Serial Killer”. Clearly people are disgusted with what he did. The intense passion with which they speak of him ranges from awe and admiration to utter contempt. Basically, despite all his talk and actions, Madoff never made any trades, it was all a Ponzi scheme (like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and back). These fictitious professions have caused massive chaos for people around the world. Since he was a Jewish man, he played with his Jewish community, which people couldn’t believe he would betray any of his own, but it wasn’t just the Jewish community, it was everyone and n ‘anyone.

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Like all good investigative documentaries, we’ve got a detailed breakdown of how they unfolded and ultimately caught Madoff. It has been investigated several times, by several organizations and people. Madoff was aided by another clever con man, Franck DiPascali, who helped him cover up his fraud, in a rather brilliant way. Their staging reassured all investors, regulators and clients that all was well, even though it was clearly not. It’s hard to distance yourself from the victims, because it could be any of us, and while people received bailouts, none of the victims did.

The fraud went on for decades and eventually, as Madoff began to lose control and lose money, at the age of 70 he was arrested by the FBI. He went to prison for his crimes and died in prison at the age of 82. The hatred for this man is so deep that his family refuses to collect his ashes, so unfortunately they are somewhere.

Is Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street on Netflix any good?

Yes, this documentary is to add to your list. From delving into Madoff’s rise from humble beginnings to becoming one of Wall Street’s most influential power brokers, to the use and abuse of his status and power, this series is full of excitement, but it’s also very emotional for Madoff’s victims, including his family. Their version of the story is very sad and shocking. The main question and what causes so much anger and disbelief is why he did this. How could he betray and hurt so many people? Watching the documentary, in my opinion, it was all about keeping the face. He started and he loved being the king of Wall Street, having that title, that reputation. It was about ego, being the best and there was nothing that was going to stop that for Madoff.

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What did you think of the Netflix documentary series Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street? Comments below.

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The post Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street Review – The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.