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Love is Blind season 3 review – the must-watch reality show continues to deliver

October 17, 2022

This review of the Netflix reality series Love is Blind Season 3 does not contain any spoilers.

We have the return of my favorite Netflix reality series Love is blind season 3. Listen, this is the most excited I’ve been to cover anything this fall. I will share my thoughts on whether season 3 is worth watching or not.

Love is blind season 2 soufflé season 1 out of water. The drama, the hate and everything that happened before the weddings and everything that happened since. I’m intrigued to see if we’ll have another Shayne/Natalie situation, if someone is actually going to get married and stay married, or if it will prove that love is not blind again.

“It’s the most beautiful day of my life”

Look, I don’t want to discredit anyone’s feelings, but come on, we’ve been talking for a day or two, and these people are having depressions. So if I was in this group, I would want to know the only person in depth to find out who they really are. You ask questions about their person, their pet peeves, their likes, dislikes, etc. ESPECIALLY since if you find a match, you’re supposed to get married in four weeks. You want to know this person inside and out so that when it comes to seeing each other, you already know the necessary things when you move in together.

However, these people ask stupid questions that help no one. And when the time comes, these people, saying I love you within the first two days of each other is absolutely absurd. I get it, you want to be loved or you want the husband, but hours behind the wall you say you love them? Get out of here. You’re probably reading this and wondering, well, why are you watching it? Because it’s a shipwreck, you can’t take your eyes off it.

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I won’t spoil anything on the show for anyone reading this, but I will highlight my favorite person and least favorite person on the show. First of all, Cole will be your favorite person on this show. Just true me when I tell you that. He is funny, charming and absolutely ridiculous. Whenever he’s on screen, you can’t help but get excited because you never know what he’ll say to the world.

For the one we will all love to hate is Raven. Whether it was her kind of stuck-up manner that stood out or the way she spoke to her partner. It was hard to watch and even a bit uncomfortable. It always seemed like she had a problem with him or was annoyed by something as small as a nap. But, I will say, Bartise gives him his money’s worth.

Globally, Love is blind season three may not be as good as season two, but the show will have you hooked in every episode just like the previous two seasons. Relationships are wild, people are crazy, and even though I don’t know if Love is blind, I will say that Netflix has a big hit with this show. Feed me about 20 more seasons, please.

What did you think of Season 3 of Netflix’s Love is Blind? Comments below.

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