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Lost Ollie review – it’s the best family series this year

August 25, 2022

This review of the Netflix limited series Lost Ollie does not contain any spoilers or major plot points.

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Every once in a while, Netflix releases a limited series that is compelling and has the potential to get the masses talking. ollie lost is one of these series. The series is based on a 2016 book by William Joyce. Joyce is a beloved author and illustrator, and the title of the book is Ollie’s Odyssey.

Without question, ollie lost will draw justified comparisons with toy story, but don’t let that be the reason to skip this amazing 4 part story. Creator Shannon Tindle and director Peter Ramsay had extraordinary vision for the adaptation. This is the best family series this year.

The story follows a toy (a teddy bear rabbit) called Ollie, lost by his young owner, Billy. Ollie is a kind of companion toy for life. The kind of toy that surpasses the reasonableness of childhood. A toy that intrinsically connects the past to your present. The series follows a quest as Billy and Ollie try to find each other. Fate seems to conspire to throw all possible obstacles in the way.

However, the written premise is created to mislead the audience. Intrinsically woven into the story is a heavy theme of grief and loss. Billy and Ollie’s quest to find each other is heralded by a sad truth that haunts them. The family series remarkably shows the woes of the trauma that comes from loss by marvelously blending the past and the present.

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by Netflix ollie lost is not simple at all. Although the themes and premise seem simple, audiences will encounter a few clever and sad twists along the way. We’ve all felt the weight of Woody’s torment as we desperately return to Andy in toy storybut the significance of what the characters face ollie lost is much bigger. It’s not Disney or Pixar; it is much more complex and deep.

Bringing an excellent voice cast (including Mary J Blige, Jonathon Groff and Gina Rodriguez), ollie lost manages to charm the public. The story flows smoothly between episodes, making it hard to put down. But, on top of all that, the production team behind the CGI should be applauded. Netflix has been repeatedly criticized for giving budgets to famous people over special effects, but ollie lost the simple yet effective design of the toys and how they fit into the world is brilliant.

Once Ollie meets his toy companion (Zozo) to help him return to Billy, audiences will be immersed in a confusing world of childlike innocence and the overbearing nature of coming of age. This is not a story to be “played with”; it is a story to be taken seriously.

And so with that, if you’re a parent, watch it with your kids. As an adult, I found the themes relatively strong, so a framework seems necessary to me. A shared experience with family could be a wonderful thing. That’s what ollie lost try to reach.

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Forget the comparisons with toy story because ollie lost is the best family series this year.

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