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Loot Season 1, Episode 9 Recap – “Cahoga Lake”

August 6, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Loot season 1, episode 9, “Cahoga Lake,” contains spoilers.

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In last week’s episode of Booty, we saw Molly trying to find her family. Sofia is in the middle of a love triangle and Arthur deep down still wants to be with Molly. We only have two episodes left in the season, let’s dive into it.

Booty summary of season 1, episode 9

We open with Nicholas setting up and cleaning the house, making coffee, making breakfast, and for Molly. Molly is excited because tonight is Nicholas’ big stage debut and is getting ready to do anything, including popping a bottle after the show with him ends.

Sofia lets the team know that a big vote is scheduled for the team’s proposal. She says they will vote yes and wants the whole team to come to the vote to congratulate them on a job well done. Then, Molly has a surprise for them and introduces them to Jean Pierre. Then she plays a video of the upcoming Silver Moon Summit and lets everyone know everyone is coming. Finally, she tells everyone that she and Jean Pierre are showing off a brand new water filtration machine that takes dirty water and makes it clean.

Howard overhears Nicholas on the phone talking about an incredible opportunity. So Howard confronts him about it. Nicholas responds and says he thought they were still fighting, and they have a great little joke here. But Nicholas tells her that the guy who was supposed to play the lead in the play dropped out and asked her to fill in. I love those two.

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Sofia goes to Molly’s office to confront her about doing too much. She also reminds him that the core of their foundation is based on a specific set of values, and attending the summit isn’t one of those things they typically do. Molly calms her worry and tells her to relax and everything will go as planned. I really think it’s going to blow up in their face.

On the phone with his girlfriend, Howard realizes that Nicholas is having trouble practicing for the play. So Howard walks into the room, still letting him know he’s mad at him but wants to know what’s going on and how he can help him. One last turn and they’ll be mortal enemies again. May I remind you that I love these two and would watch a whole show or comedy between friends involving them?

Sofia and Molly are at the board meeting where the housing initiative was approved in 2026. Molly, confused by the timeline, Sofia tells her it was originally 2028, but they sped it up. They opened the floor for questions when an old lady asked Molly why she can decide what happens to their neighborhood because she has money? She went off on Molly in the most sincere way. Arthur lets Molly know that these events always have one of those types of people. However, person after person went to the catwalk to let Molly have it.

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We go back to Howard and Nicholas, watching videos on Youtube to try to make him emotional. But sadly, nothing works to get Nicholas emotional, from videos of cute dogs to babies hearing for the first time to soldiers returning home.

Sofia, Arthur, and Molly leave the meeting, and Molly panics, trying to figure out what just happened. Molly complains that it wasn’t fair and deserved no backlash at her. As they prepare to leave, a group of people throw pies at the trio. HAHAHA, that’s amazing.

Howard is still struggling to get Nicholas to feel anything. So we go to Arthur, and Molly talks about what happened, and she brings up the fact that he was her bodyguard. ADMIRATION!!!!! She thanks him for doing what he did. While they have a little time, Jean Pierre shows up to save Molly. Poor Arthur.

The end

Nicholas prepares for the game, but his confidence is at an all-time low. Howard does his best to give her a pep talk, which doesn’t work. Howard checks his phone and he’s missed six calls from Tonya. Finally, Howard comes out of the room to call her, and she goes after him. He stops her in her tracks and tells her he’s done with her! Come on, Howard!

Jean Pierre cooks Molly a meal and asks her to be careful in the world. Molly tells her that Sofia wants her to be more cutting edge to show her growth. He tries to make her understand that people will always hate people like them.

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As Nicholas sits backstage, Howard walks up and says he has something to tell him. He knows things have been weird the past few weeks, but he knows now that the things Nicholas was trying to tell him about Tonya were all true. Nicholas tries to let him know that everything is fine, but Howard gives him an amazing speech about how good he is at it and is proud of him. Nicholas grabs her for a big hug (I’m not crying, it’s you).

We see Molly and Jean Pierre boarding their private plane, and she is informed that Nicholas’ play is starting in 30 minutes. Back to the scene where Nicholas kills him on stage with his best friend Howard in the crowd eating him. At the end of the play, the camera moves out of the audience so we can see Molly’s empty chair. The whole team is behind the scenes to tell them how how much they liked the piece and its performance. A man approaches Nicholas to hand him a bottle of Molly’s champagne, which makes him sad. The episode ends with Molly texting Nicholas that she was proud of him and can’t wait to see him.

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