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Lockwood And Co Introduces The ‘Ghost Lock’ Power Some Spirits Possess

January 28, 2023

Ghost hunting is a profession that movies have familiarized us with quite well, whether we go back to the 1980s with the iconic classic Ghostbusters or more modern efforts like James Wan’s The Conjuring franchise. It’s always thrilling to see characters take on spirits and ghouls, and that thrill translates into an episodic format with Lockwood And Co.

Developed by Joe Cornish, this British crime thriller is injected with supernatural elements to offer audiences something undeniably refreshing and fun.

The first season premiered on Netflix on Friday, January 27, 2023 and has already given fans plenty to digest. We are immersed in a London in which the teen-run ghost-hunting start-up is entangled in a gripping mystery.

As it is a world very different from ours, we are introduced to mythology and concepts that may require clarification. Namely, what does it mean to be “ghost locked” in Lockwood And Co?

Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood, Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle and Ali Hadji-Heshmati as George Karim battling a ghost in Lockwood & CoLockwood & Co © Netflix

Being ‘Ghost Locked’ in Lockwood And Co Explained

The ability to “ghost lock” a victim is something type two ghosts possess. Ultimately, someone who has been “ghost locked” is rendered immobile and their muscles become heavy, preventing them from moving.

What happens is that they are overwhelmed with despair and somehow lose all free will. Their minds surrender to the power of the ghost manipulating them and this allows the ghost to ensnare them, almost like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

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You see the ability realized in the Netflix series and, indeed, it’s something that was carried over from the source material.

The show is based on the book series of the same name by Jonathan Stroud and Season 1 covers the first two books in the series: The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull.


“This mix is ​​perfect for my books”

Speaking of the books, the author was recently interviewed by The Bookseller and opened up about the adaptation:

“The Lockwood & Co series is conceived by Joe Cornish, director of Attack The Block and The Kid Who Would Be King, and produced by Nira Park, who directed Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. In other words, they’re great at fusing adventure, horror, and humor — and that mix is ​​perfect for my books.

He added, “I had a consulting role throughout the project, ready to help whenever the creators had questions.”

With that in mind, the show is in good hands. Best hands for the job, perhaps.

Hopes turn to more

As of now, Lockwood And Co season 2 has not been announced.

On the other hand, we recognized that Season 1 only covers the first two books. So a potential second season could adapt from The Hollow Boy, The Creeping Shadow, and The Empty Grave.

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We anticipate an announcement could take place as early as February or March 2023.

Lockwood And Co streams exclusively on Netflix.

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