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Locke and Key season 3 review – the key to success?

August 10, 2022

This Netflix series Locke and Key season 3 review contains no spoilers.

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Does the magic live on in the final season of Locke and Key? For most of the last eight episodes, it is! Although the final season is two episodes shorter than the previous two entries, it’s a wise move. If there had been more episodes, the middle part of the series would have been very “filled”, which would have detracted from the quality of the series as a whole. And since some episodes are quite short (just over half an hour), the third season of Locke and Key doesn’t drag as much as the first two seasons.

Although, like in the second season, the storyline remains much the same, the fact that this is the last season of Locke and Key makes you more forgiving when watching. As this is the final season, much of the general opinion of the season will fall on how it all ends. Does it end on a high or a moan? For Locke and Key fans, we can safely say that it ends in style. There are character returns, new keys, and tons of magic everywhere. Although there are only a few details that don’t make sense, it shouldn’t affect the general opinion too much. In the end, the only word that could be used to describe the end of the series is “satisfying”.

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Sure, there are cringe-worthy moments in the season, especially in the finale. But on the whole, even the tamer of moments has courage. The most irritating part of the season, however, comes from Bode’s character. It remains as boring as before, even more so, to be completely honest. However, a mid-game storyline changes that, and it’s great to watch. As Locke and Key focuses as much on the family as it does on the issues it faces, it makes for a winning combination.

Locke and Key might not be perfect, but it stayed true to the story it was telling. By ending before it got tired and boring, it served a purpose and, more importantly, served its fans well. And from a show that at one point seemed dead in the water, thanks to a pilot starring Miranda Otto and Jesse McCarthy that never went to series, it’s really magical this Locke and Key not only lasted three seasons, but managed to include a decent conclusion when so many other shows couldn’t complete their story. For that, kudos to everyone involved.

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