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Locke and Key season 3, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

August 10, 2022

This recap of Locke and Key season 3, episode 8, “Farewell,” contains spoilers, including for the ending of Locke & Key Season 3. You can check out all of our coverage on this show by clicking on these words.

Locke and Key season 3, episode 8 recap

So the time has come for the last episode of Locke and Key. How will all of this end? Keep reading to find out.

While in the previous episode it looked like Goldie was dead, he still lives (for now) and Kinsey, Tyler, and Ellie are able to leave his world behind. Captain Frederick Gideon manages to escape, only to be shot multiple times by the police. Although, as viewers know, it didn’t hurt Gideon. And when Goldie dies, Sam gets stuck in her head.

The policeman keeps trying to shoot Gideon, but nothing works. And finally, Gideon slits the cop’s throat. Then the captain tries to chase Tyler and Kinsey. But since they’re armed with a magic key from Ellie, they’re able to draw themselves a motorcycle just as Josh knocks Gideon down. Moments later, Gideon steals Josh’s car, nearly knocking him over in the process. But since Gideon can’t figure out how to drive, he crashes the car, which then explodes. Even so, Gideon remains unscathed.

Shortly after, Gideon and Tyler are face to face again. But even the use of a forklift is unable to defeat Gideon. Instead, the Captain destroys the Well House, effectively ending his prison. When Captain Gideon threatens to throw Kinsey into the portal in exchange for the key, Kinsey stabs him with a key, and the Lockes then push Gideon into the portal, seemingly ending his reign of terror. But as the captain drops with two keys, the entrance to the portal becomes smaller.

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The end

Tyler realizes that for the nightmare to truly end, they must abandon the keys and throw them into the portal. While Nina and Kinsey agree, is Bode? Well, not so much. But since he’s outvoted, Bode says there’s one more thing he wants to do with the keys first. Locke and Key then cuts to a time before Rendell’s death. However, rather than just looking at him, they interact with him. It’s a heartfelt moment, but as Rendell tells his family, “They have to live their lives.” As the Lockes throw all the keys into the portal, there are quick flashbacks to moments from the last three seasons of Locke and Key.

Splashes 2 has been released, and it seems to be a hit, with demand for a third film apparent. During the film’s Q&A, Scot overhears Kinsey. Afterwards, when Duncan is back in town, Nina and Josh are together, with Bode apparently coming to the idea. With the Gordie Shaw Theater opening in her memory, Ellie returns to work; and receives a round of applause from the students. Tyler decides to leave but promises to be back soon. Bode then asks Nina, Tyler and Kinsey if they hear that, but he then adds that it’s nothing, absolutely nothing. But unbeknownst to the Lockes, there is a faint whisper. So what Locke and Key ends forever!

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